5 collectibles to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter

It’s been 20 years since we first saw Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, a film that showed us a world full of magic, where we finally got to know a school that we really wanted to attend because of its changing stairs, talking pictures, uniforms that everyone loves to wear, classes whose tasks consisted of making things levitate, sports as fun as they are dangerous, opening walls, and even magical creatures.

This universe created by JK RowlingIt certainly managed to create wonderful memories as we grew up, so much so that it even became the most beloved franchise of all time.

Now, with the recent and exciting news that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson y Rupert Grint, along with the other actors of the cast, they will meet again to celebrate the 20th anniversary called «Back to Hogwarts », that we can see on HBO Max until January 1, 2022, we show you 5 objects that different brands launched as a tribute to Harry Potter, which are perfect to add to the collection and shorten the wait.

The perfect set to feel like you are preparing magic potions while cooking Christmas dinner or preparing and drinking your coffee of the day.

It has 10 pieces, among them, a kettle, a set of cups, plates and spatulas, a spoon holder, a pot holder, several enameled cast iron pans. All adorned with details that refer to iconic characters from the series and Hogwarts houses, including a cute Hedwig for cakes.

Photo: Le Creuset

In the movies we saw how they literally wrote with feathers, but how about doing it with a modern touch without neglecting the magic of the Hogwarts houses? For this, the Italian firm Montegrappa launched a collection of stainless steel and brass fountain pens that celebrate the four founding houses and their representative animals: Ravenclaw (eagle), Hufflepuff (badger), Slytherin (snake) and Gryffindor (lion).

If you’re such a fan that you can’t pick just one, there’s also an extra feather that bears the Hogwarts crest on a mosaic of all four pets.

Harry Potter House Colours: Hogwarts
Photo: Montegrappa

Evoking each of the houses of the College of Witchcraft and Wizardry on its home screen is this 46mm diameter circular 1.39 ”AMOLED screen smartwatch with 2.5D glass and IP68 + 5ATM certification.

Its strap is vegan leather and is engraved with a Hogwarts theme, and the Harry Potter logo on the buckle. On the buttons we see engraved the iconic lightning bolt from the “boy who lived”. Something you are sure to love is its box that magically opens, just like Diagon Alley.

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition
Photo: OnePlus

Inspired by the fantastic game of Quidditch, come this limited edition pair of tennis shoes. Its sole simulates the wood of the broom, a fundamental piece for playing. It has the movie logo and the word “Firebolt” on the ankles.

Its packaging is just as magical, as each shoe comes in a special edition box with an enchanted key print and tissue paper that simulates the newspaper of the magical world, The Daily Prophet. An extra surprise is that there are 20 boxes that include one Snitch golden collection.

tenis de harry potter 1
Photo: K-Switzerland

If you’ve been wanting to play magical chess after watching the first installment in the series, LEGO has created its own version of 32 buildable chess pieces, which includes 3 minifigures of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and a bonus of the Professor Severus Snape.

LEGO Harry Potter / Hogwarts: Wizard Chess
Photo: LEGO

In addition to Chess, LEGO has released other buildable scenarios such as: Hogwarts: The Polyjuice Potion Bug, Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter, Hogsmeade: Village Visit, Hogwarts: First Flight Class, Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets, and large pieces of characters like Harry Potter and Hermione Granger and Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix.


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5 collectibles to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter