Ben Affleck’s striking resemblance to Jennifer Lopez’s father

Most netizens celebrate with great emotion every time the trunk of memories is opened. We have confirmed with different celebrities in the middle that these images are a success. Because who doesn’t want to know what their favorite artist was like before fame? From there speculations of all kinds begin, especially if the photo is really revealing. Something like this happened when the face of the father of Jennifer Lopez. The biggest surprise was discovering that Ben Affleck it is similar to him, at least for the fans.

Jennifer López published on her Instagram account a selfie and an old photo where she appears with her father, David Lopez, and comments rained about it. The most unexpected thing about the matter is that the one who was pointed out repeatedly was the current partner of the diva. Given that fans say that Ben Affleck shares several physical similarities with the father of his beloved. Everything indicates that the second photo that JLo shared was the one that unleashed that wave of comments. Since it is in that that David appears younger, with little Jenny in his arms and there are elements that we can locate in a certain Hollywood actor.

Jennifer Lopez's father

Jennifer Lopez’s father

The related features that they share would be the eyes, the lips and the chin. Although, when Lopez was young, he also had black hair (just like Ben). This is not abnormal and should not worry anyone, since this “chance” is a pattern that is frequently repeated in humans. It has been studied and is known as a positive sexual imprint.

Children tend to repeat pre-established patterns and their greatest reference is always their parents. In fact, women often choose partners whose faces resemble their fathers. In the same way, it happens on the emotional plane. Some choose partners who act with distinctive personality traits of their parents. Now, we know that her relationship with Affleck is great, positive and full of hope. How will it be with your father?

This is Jennifer López’s relationship with her father

Few people know David López. David is an American of Puerto Rican descent and who did everything possible to provide a good quality of life for his children. It was the 70s, in the Bronx, when the man worked up to two days in a row at an insurance company. All this effort had a clear objective, that his daughters did not lack anything. It was not an easy time, but the On the floor singer only knows how to be grateful for it.

Jennifer Lopez and her father

Jennifer Lopez and her father

Among the most emotional dedications Jen has published is the following: “Dad, thank you for being you … for loving me for who I am … I’m just as lucky to have you as my dad.”. The bond between father and daughter is very strong, she has previously referred to him saying that: “Always think about what happens to me instead of what I have, and see what I do.” In addition, he assures that since he began his career, he has been very proud of her.

For Jennifer Lopez the family is very valuable and has a lot of affection for the first man who showed her what genuine affection is. Ben Affleck she is another important person in your life, who is now more than ever full of passion and happiness.

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Ben Affleck’s striking resemblance to Jennifer Lopez’s father