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Working on the computer is part of everyday life for many people. It is often necessary to work late into the evening when the lighting conditions around the monitor are very poor. In order not to unnecessarily strain the eyes in such an environment, high-quality lighting in the workplace is essential. Since the lighting of the entire room is inefficient, desk lamps are the optimal solution. On an overcrowded desk, however, most models take up too much space, create an incorrect light intensity at the workplace due to an unfavorable strength and are annoying due to reflections on the screen. The BenQ ScreenBar desk lamp solves all of these problems efficiently.

Space-saving and glare-free

The BenQ ScreenBar desk lamp does not take up any space on your workplace. In contrast to lights, which are at least attached to the edge of the desk with a clamp, there is no part of the lamp on the work surface, but is attached to the upper edge of the monitor with a patented clip that adapts to the depth of the monitor and this is not damaged. Power is supplied via a USB cable, which you can connect directly to a USB socket on the monitor. Since the lamp is slightly asymmetrical, there is a short cover on the rear edge, which limits the beam angle towards the rear and thus prevents light from falling on the screen. You can also regulate this because the lamp can be tilted back and forth at an angle of 10 °.

Always the right brightness

A big problem with conventional desk lamps is the same brightness. This adds up to the brightness of the surroundings and in most cases creates a workplace that is too bright or too dark. However, the optimal illuminance at the workplace is 500 lux. To achieve this, the BenQ ScreenBar desk lamp has an integrated light sensor, which measures the brightness of the surroundings and automatically regulates the light intensity of the lamp. This automatic dimming function ensures that the added illuminance of the surroundings and the lamp always results in 500 lux. The beam angle is regulated in such a way that your workplace is optimally illuminated over an area of ​​74 cm wide and 35 cm deep. If necessary, you can also regulate the light intensity manually.

The right color temperature

It is known that color temperature has a huge impact on hormone levels and affects how tired you are. You can therefore regulate the color temperature of the BenQ ScreenBar desk lamp as required. The human biorhythm is adapted to the sunlight. While the reddish light makes you tired in the morning and in the evening, the clearer, bluish light at midday inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. The BenQ ScreenBar desk lamp enables you to simulate these lighting conditions. You can regulate the color temperature in eight steps from 2700 K to 6500 K, which corresponds to the natural light conditions during the day. With a high color temperature you will be more alert and focused, while the lower color temperature will prepare your body for a good night’s sleep in the evening.

Quality design

With only 3 contact buttons for operation, an on / off switch and a sandblasted, anodized aluminum housing, this desk lamp offers innovation, simplicity and quality in one product.

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The lamp is really very well made and also looks very noble. I really didn’t think how bright the lamp can be! If you want, you can really illuminate your desk optimally. The smart functions are also impressive! Overall, a very ingenious gadget, which I can highly recommend!

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BenQ ScreenBar Test – Optimal desk lamp –