Best Shape of My Life Confirms Which Heroic Roles Haunted Will Smith

Will Smith has been a Hollywood darling for decades now, but Best Shape of My Life confirms a few heroic roles haunted him as he got older.

Will Smith has been one of Hollywood’s darlings since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and even before, given his rap career with DJ Jazzy Jeff. But that was just the beginning for Smith, who blossomed in cinema, showing immense range in comedy, action, sci-fi and even drama, proving a little kid from Philly could live the American dream in tinsel town. However, in his latest venture, a web series called Best Shape of My Life, the actor confirms a few heroic roles really haunted him as the years rolled on.

This series chronicles Smith’s personal issues with his weight and a novel he’s writing, detailing his rise to superstardom. At the heart of it is his family, both the ups and downs, but in the first episode, Smith also takes aim at a major enemy that’s hurting him — the protagonists in his own career.

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He first takes shots at a cardboard cutout of Agent J from 1997’s Men in Black, calling him an “asshole,” as he weighs in at over 220 pounds, aiming to lose 20 in 20 weeks. It seems like a quip at first, but as the six-part series begins Smith confesses that he feels like J’s watching him, ridiculing him on this very relatable journey.

In fact, he’s intimidated as he knows J and that version of Smith could shed weight easily or wouldn’t have even gotten to this point. In other words, J embodies Smith’s fears and insecurities, to the point he hates seeing the character. He is using it as motivation but it’s also a reminder he’s only human and a far cry from his younger days.

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Later on in the show, Smith also jokes about how cut he was in I Am Legend, where he played one of the last survivors trying to stay alive in a pandemic that created monsters. Again, this was 10 years later, with Smith still being the fit man fans knew from Bad Boys and Independence Day, but as Smith trains, he quips to the camera team that he’s more like “I am luggage,” making light of his gut. He sadly admits he masks his pain with humor, especially after the internet poked fun at him being slightly oversized compared to his usual figure.

Last but not least, a despondent Smith confesses I, Robot from 2004 is a thorn in his side too, as his wife, Jada, during a golf session, jokes how her 52 year-old husband wants to get back to that shape. Fans would recall the scene of Smith’s character in the shower, as trim and muscular as can be, and unfortunately, Jada’s pessimistic Will can get back to that amazing shape.

He expresses doubts as well, but is adamant that while this kind of physique is intimidating, he wants to get it again because while he doesn’t like these characters anymore, he feels they do represent the best him, mentally and physically.

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Best Shape of My Life Confirms Which Heroic Roles Haunted Will Smith