Black Panther: «Today the projects are not prepared to be pitched before investors»

Although it was created in 2012, it was in 2019 when the Black Panther Group was consolidated as a Spanish audiovisual group, in 2020 when it began its international expansion and this year when we already named its first co-production projects.

Ignacio de Medina, VP and executive producer of Black Panther Group, explains to Originals in what way they articulate their business in two main strategic and complementary lines: the creative production of contents, and the investment and financing of projects.

Development and production

“More than co-producing, we are looking to co-develop and then go to co-production together,” explains the executive.

Thus, after dedicating the last two years to developing projects, now efforts are mainly focused on taking them forward in the form of co-productions, most of them with partners from Latin America.

«With Chile we have Matadero Franklin With Invercine Producciones, we are also in another co-production with Mexico, and testing another with another production company from Spain, Mexico and the US ”, De Medina lists.

About the thriller Matadero Franklin, an adaptation of the novel by Simon Soto, indicates that it is’ quite a solid project ‘and is scheduled to shoot in the second quarter of 2022.’ We have done a very intense development work to adapt it to the television screen. Right now we are with more than 50% of the advanced financing, of the 4 million budget for the first season. And we are working on distribution sales, which we will soon be able to say something about, and we are very happy to start shooting next year with Alfredo Castro and top talent from Spain and Chile ».

At the same time, Black Panther continues to develop new IPs, especially “rescuing high-value IPs to transform them into interesting assets for the industry.”

And, in parallel, prepare for the future through alliances with companies and creatives. «A season is coming with a great need for content, in constant change, and what we need is to strengthen our position with synergies with other large companies in Spain, Europe and Latin America, and with creatives who are capable of developing and building stories that the market demand ».

Investment and consulting

From the dual role of producers and investors, Black Panther is in a privileged position to face the business.

“We have a team solely dedicated to investor relations and everything that is financing. We are one of the only production companies that have this expertise in investment, investment funds and financing, and we apply it to our projects, ”says De Medina.

And this experience has shown them a great problem for financing projects. “Private investors are very interested in entering to invest in the entertainment and media sector, there are many investment opportunities, but the projects are not ready to be pitched to investors,” he adds. “You have to present them in a completely different way, from a more business and less creative perspective, in order to capture the attention of investors. I think that is the barrier that is preventing certain projects from going ahead.

So, in addition to applying it to its own projects, Black Panther decided to share that knowledge with the industry and last October launched BPConsulting, in alliance with Georgina Borbolla from the Mexican Bold Finance, a new line of business that was born as the first firm 360º business and financial consulting services with dedication, expertise and a 100% focus of action in the Entertainment & Media industry.

“We are dedicated to that part of consulting for creatives and producers and help them to modulate the pitch for potential investors”, concludes Ignacio de Medina.

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Black Panther: «Today the projects are not prepared to be pitched before investors»