Bomb in Dresden: waiting to be defused

0.33 a.m.: Waiting for defusing

Dresden continues to wait for the World War II bomb to be defused. The evacuation of around 7,400 residents is still in progress – the ordnance disposal service will only begin operations once this has been completed. When asked when to expect it, a police spokesman said: “There are still people within the restricted area. Therefore, a prognosis is impossible.” The officers are still busy evacuating the area.

0.22 a.m.: Another emergency shelter opens

The Energieverbund-Arena is available as further emergency accommodation, announced the city of Dresden on Twitter. There are minor restrictions: This accommodation is only suitable for people who are not currently in Corona quarantine, and it is not barrier-free.

Saturday, 12:06 am: “Hopefully it won’t take that long again”

Bus driver Marco Donath has a special task tonight: he takes evacuees to emergency accommodation with the shuttle bus. The rush is limited, he says. Heidrun Saul is there too. She and her husband had just made themselves comfortable in front of the television when she heard about the bomb from the Nina Warnapp. She snapped ID cards, medication, and basic equipment for the night. Saul is a bomb veteran: In 2018, she had to leave her apartment because a World War II bomb was found. “Hopefully it won’t take that long again – at least five minutes less.” At that time, the couple had to stay in the shelter for two days.

Bus driver Marco Donath drives evacuees to their overnight camps. © Christoph Springer

11:25 p.m.: The first emergency shelters are ready

According to the Dresden Police Directorate, the first emergency accommodation for the evacuated Dresden residents is in the 56. Secondary school on Aachener Straße 10 ready.

The emergency shelter, including medical care, is available for all people and also those who are in quarantine or who have corresponding symptoms 35. Oberschule on Clara-Zetkin-Straße 20 ready.

There are also several bus shuttles at these points of contact:

  • Löbtauer Strasse at the corner of Hirschfelder Strasse
  • Löbtauer Strasse at the corner of Berliner Strasse
  • Wernerstraße at the corner of Lübecker Straße

11:15 p.m.: Hundreds of emergency services are on site

212 firefighters are involved in the evacuation and defusing, says fire department spokesman Michael Klahre. There are also 40 helpers from THW, as well as countless volunteers from the DRK, the Maltese and the Johanniter. The police are also on site with 190 emergency services. The Dresden Police Department is supported by officers from the Saxon riot police and officers from the Federal Police.

10:56 p.m.: How does an evacuation work in the corona pandemic?

An evacuation in the high phase of the corona pandemic presents the emergency services with special challenges. “The fire brigade must also bear in mind that there could be people who are in quarantine and therefore have to be housed separately,” says fire brigade spokesman Michael Klahre. That is also a reason for the difficult provision of the emergency accommodation – there is still hardly any information about it.

10.30 p.m.: Ambulance service evacuates those in need

Numerous ambulances have now arrived in the area. They are supposed to bring people to emergency shelters who cannot make it on their own. However, there is no information about the emergency accommodation – the evacuation should be finished in 30 minutes. On the website of the city of Dresden there is still the note: “Emergency accommodation will be prepared. We will inform you as soon as it is available.”

Numerous ambulances have arrived in the area of ​​operation.

Numerous ambulances have arrived in the area of ​​operation. © Christoph Springer

10:13 p.m.: 7,000 people have to leave their homes

More than 7,000 Dresden residents have to leave their homes because of the evacuation. About 7,400 people were reported in the affected area, said a police spokesman. They have until 11 p.m. to leave the area – it is still unclear when the bomb will be defused.

9:50 p.m.: Bomb warning also via the Nina app

At 9.44 p.m. – and thus over an hour after the start of the evacuation – the Dresden fire brigade published the bomb warning via the warning app Nina. The recommendations for action range from avoiding the affected area to waiting for more information to the tip to only take the bare essentials such as ID cards and cash with you.

9:20 p.m.: All clear for Friedrichstadt Hospital

The Friedrichstadt hospital is outside the restricted area, they say. Although the entire railway system in Friedrichstadt is in the restricted area, the train traffic continues to run according to plan for the time being, says the federal police at the request of Sä

The police cordoned off parts of Froebelstrasse.

The police cordoned off parts of Froebelstrasse. © Christoph Springer

8:54 p.m.: The police ask people to leave the apartments

In connection with the discovery of the World War II bomb on Fröbelstrasse, the evacuation area has now been officially determined. All people who live in this area are asked to leave their homes by 11 p.m. Emergency shelters are being prepared, the Dresden police said. The operational measures could continue until morning.

The city of Dresden has summarized tips for evacuation here.

8.45 p.m.: The road is closed to traffic

Fröbelstrasse is currently closed to traffic between Emerich-Ambros-Ufer and the intersection of Fröbelstrasse / Cottaer Strasse / Waltherstrasse. Tram line 2 is still running.

8:07 p.m.: Evacuation radius of 800 meters – apparently also a nursing home in the endangered zone

The fire brigade and police set up their operations center on the other side of the train tracks on a wasteland on Waltherstrasse near Berliner Strasse. There are now almost 20 police vehicles and the fire brigade management team on site.

According to the police, the evacuation radius around the site should be 800 meters. A nursing home is apparently also affected. However, people do not have to leave the house, but are brought to the side facing away from the bomb, it is said.

Apparently the bomb was moved during the construction work, which could complicate the work for the ordnance disposal service. Under certain circumstances, those affected by evacuations may not be able to return to their homes at night.

Overview of the evacuation area

Overview of the evacuation area © Police Dresden

7.30 p.m.: Bomb should be defused that night

According to police reports, it is an American explosive device weighing 250 kilograms. He was found behind the row of houses at Fröbelstrasse 51 to 57. The police and rescue services are currently ramping up operations. The bomb is apparently to be defused that night. It is not yet known when the evacuations of nearby buildings will start.

Note: At this point we will inform you about further developments. Choose not the emergency number to find out about the upcoming evacuation. The emergency services will inform you promptly.

7:12 p.m.: Resident is concerned – already evacuated in 2018

Elke Thiele, a senior citizen, lives with her husband and two cats on Löbtauer Straße. She has already witnessed an evacuation when a bomb caused a long lock-up and evacuation period in May 2018. She found out about the find from a friend over the phone and already had her vaccination card and other papers ready, she says.

The police cordoned off the immediate vicinity of the site.

The police cordoned off the immediate vicinity of the site. © Roland Halkasch

6:22 p.m.: Evacuation confirmed – hospital just a kilometer away

The immediate vicinity of the construction site is currently cordoned off, traffic is currently still flowing past it. The radius of the necessary evacuations is not yet known. The Friedrichstadt Hospital is about one kilometer as the crow flies from the location where it was found.

Background: A World War II bomb was found in Dresden’s Friedrichstadt. A suspicious object appeared on a construction site on Fröbelstrasse / the corner of Semmelweisstrasse on Friday afternoon. In the evening, the police confirmed that it was a world war bomb.

The Dresden police cordoned off the immediate area between Löbtauer and Fröbelstrasse and called in the specialists from the ordnance disposal service. They decided that evacuation measures were necessary in the evening.

It is the first bomb found in more than three years. The last bomb in May 2018 caused a long lockdown and evacuation period in the Löbtau district. Finally, there was a partial tonation at that time.

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Bomb in Dresden: waiting to be defused