Books in Tunis, contemporary art in Paris, comics in Cameroon: the cultural agenda of “World Africa”

Every Friday, the cultural agenda of World Africa offers you events to follow on the continent, in France and elsewhere in the world.

  • Mauritania invited to Tunis

The Mauritanian writer Beyrouk, in Oualata, in November 2018.

Inaugurated on Friday 12 November, the 36e edition of the Tunis International Book Fair is held until Sunday at the Kram Exhibition Center, with Mauritania as guest country. After a first weekend marked by a workshop for the collective creation of comics and the arrival of writers Dany Laferrière and Yamen Manaï, the event continues with other professional meetings, dedications, readings aloud for children, games and Literary “talks”.

Highlight of this Friday, the meeting at 4 pm with the Mauritanian French-speaking writer Beyrouk. The leading author of the Tunisian publishing house Elyzad will discuss his novel published in May, The Silence of the Horizons, with its editor, Elisabeth Daldoul. As we hope for all of his work dedicated to the Sahara and its peoples, so well described in The Drum of Tears (Elyzad, 2015, prix Ahmadou-Kourouma).

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On Saturday, the writer and teacher from Sousse Iman Bassalah will talk about her novel To the left of the bed (ed. Anne Carrière), on a professor of letters upset by the assassination of a colleague, beheaded. Finally, on Sunday, the Algerian author and illustrator based in Tunis Salim Zerrouki will present How to succeed in illegal migration (ed. Lalla Hadria / Encre de nuit), her graphic novel which offers, in nine independent stories and with a good dose of black humor, another vision of the migratory crisis.

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  • Barthélémy Toguo’s “desire for humanity”

“Road to Exile”, a work by Barthélémy Toguo, here at the Mucem in Marseille in January 2020.

Until December 5, the Dapper Foundation is presenting a monographic exhibition by Barthélémy Toguo at the Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac museum in Paris. Some of the works of the artist from Cameroon are resonated with pieces of ancient African art, with the intention of offering keys to the public.

Renowned on the international scene and in the biggest museums since the end of the 1990s, the work of Barthélémy Toguo denounces the dysfunctions of the current world while celebrating the living and the beauty. Of the artist born in Mbalmayo in 1967, we especially know the watercolors and the monumental installations. His works Urban Requiem and Road to Exile question the notion of freedom to come and go, while Homo Plant tells of a wish for harmony between man and nature. For the Quai Branly, the artist created Water Matters, an installation which denounces the unequal access to water of the inhabitants of the world.

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The exhibition “Desire for humanity. The Universes of Barthélémy Toguo » makes you want to go to Bandjoun, in western Cameroon, where the artist has founded a cultural center. Having become a French citizen, he now lives between Europe and his native country. The Bandjoun Station houses art collections and accommodates studio accommodation for artists from all over the world, invited to develop projects in harmony with the locals. Toguo’s idea is to bring together international contemporary art and classical African art in the same space, without hierarchy. This desire to go beyond borders could well be a major key to his work.

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  • The ninth art in Yaoundé and Douala

After the Ivorian festival “Cocobulles”, which was held last weekend in the town of Treichville, Abidjan, comics are in the spotlight in Cameroon. The 12e edition of the Mboa BD Festival opened on Wednesday and will last until Saturday in Yaoundé. The event will then move to the French Institute in Douala from November 24 to 27.

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Dedicated to digital, this edition of the Mboa BD Festival aims to answer the questions and expectations of African authors and readers, who are more and more numerous to create and read comics on the Internet and social networks. On the program, meetings, dedications, masterclasses and workshops to learn how to create your own « webtoon » (BD online), as well as a conference on “kabinda”, presented as a graphic style in its own right, as recognizable as American comics or the Franco-Belgian clear line.

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Books in Tunis, contemporary art in Paris, comics in Cameroon: the cultural agenda of “World Africa”