Bto 2021, the digital challenges will be aired in Florence from 24 November

There are now just a few hours left for the official start of the 13th edition of Bto – Be Travel Onlife scheduled for November 24 in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence. Holograms will also be among the protagonists of the opening day, which can be followed exceptionally also online on Bto’s Facebook and Yutube channels. The event dedicated to Travel 2.0, born and rooted in Florence, has always turned its gaze on the evolution of the combination of tourism and innovation, and anticipates trends even before new fashions are established. As happened years ago for the spread of the Airbnb phenomenon, passing from humanoid robots with concierge functions to chips under the skin that can open the door of the hotel room. Bto2021 will unfold in 4 other thematic days – 25, 26, 29 and 30 November – a journey between innovation and hospitality that will bring some of the most important players in the sector to Florence. Bto – Be Travel Onlife is an event of the Tuscany Region and the Florence Chamber of Commerce, which has always been attentive to the competitiveness of tourism connected to the challenge of digital innovation. The organization is entrusted to Toscana Promotion of Tourism, PromoFirenze and Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

The Opening Day of November 24 will open with the interventions of the tourism minister Massimo Garavaglia, the president of the Tuscany region Eugenio Giani together with the municipal councilor for tourism Cecilia Del Re, the president of the Florence Chamber of Commerce Leonardo Bassilichi and the director scientific Bto2021 Francesco Tapinassi, and then get to the heart with the “Vision” session, which will see national and international guests on stage including Valentina Superti DG Grow – European Commission, Maud Bailly of Accor and Jane Sun of Group. In the afternoon the “Focus” session will start, in which some previews of the four topics of the following days will be provided (digital innovation, destination, food & wine, hospitality) through round tables attended by speakers in presence, connected via web but not alone.

The holograms of Roberta Garibaldi CEO of Enit, Marco Gilardi operations direction Italy & Usa NH Hotel Group, Massimo Canducci chief innovation officer engineering and Simone Puorto founder Travel Singularity will make their appearance on the stage of the Salone di Cinquecento, in real size, interacting with the moderators. It is the Pisan company Alkedo Produzioni that takes care of the technical part of what they themselves define Holopresence, that is a system that uses the optical illusion of the hologram integrating it into a real context without the use of visual aids such as glasses or viewers. The Holopresence system can be used in numerous areas, including business tourism which, with its thousands of conferences and meetings every year, represents 1% of the national GDP (2019 figure).

And the theme of business tourism will be at the center of Sociometrica’s research entitled “The future of business tourism in Italy” which will be previewed at BTO on 11/24 by Antonio Preiti, professor at the University of Florence. The study, which will also see a more extensive presentation on 30/11, examined 2,500 companies across Italy on the impact of Covid on business travel, meetings, conferences and educational trips. The data will also be protagonists in the awaited panel still scheduled on the 24th and dedicated to Google Trends and Google Destination Insights in which Furio Gianforme Industry Head Travel, Apps & Education Google and Giovanni Benassi Analytical Lead for Google Travel will intervene. The Ipsos research “Eno-gastronomic tourism: the sustainable relaunch of Italy”, will be previewed on November 29th during the day with a focus on Food and wine. And Tuscany will emerge as a protagonist, resulting in second place among the Italian regions able to better describe their food and wine excellence, after Sicily and before Emilia-Romagna, Puglia and Campania.

Spotlight again on Tuscany on 26/11 on the occasion of the “Smart Tuscany” panel in which the steps for the redefinition of the new information architecture of, the structure of the future regional Destination Management System and the news of the Tourist destination observatory. The councilor for tourism of the Tuscany Region Leonardo Marras, the directors of FST Francesco Palumbo and TPT Francesco Tapinassi will participate. Following, again on the 26th, a comparison between Italian Regions will be the focus of the meeting “Digital ecosystems at the service of destinations. The functions, models and applications in use in the Italian regions “in which Bianca Bronzino Head of Digital systems, Pugliapromento / WeAreinPuglia, Sabrina Pesarini – Head of CRM & Digital Marketing, Trentino Marketing / VisitTrentino, Stefan Marchioro – Territorial projects and governance will participate of tourism, Veneto Region and Costanza Giovannini – Head of Communications, Fondazione Sistema Toscana / Visit Tuscany.

The offices of Nana Bianca and the Florence Chamber of Commerce will host the other four thematic days, to be followed also online. In detail, November 25 is Digital Strategy & Innovation, a section curated by Giulia Eremita and Rodolfo Baggio, November 26 is Destination directed by Emma Taveri; November 29 is Food & Wine, a topic by Roberta Milano; November 30th is Hospitality day coordinated by Lara Fantoni.

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Bto 2021, the digital challenges will be aired in Florence from 24 November