Weekend estimates: Eternals’ good hold keeps it on top – The Numbers

Weekend estimates Eternals good hold keeps it on top

Eternals will, as expected, come out on top at the box office this weekend, but it’ll do so by a healthier margin than expected thanks to a decent hold, and a very slight under-performance by Clifford the Big Red Dog through the weekend. Eternals is set to earn $27.5 million, according to Disney’s Sunday-morning projection, … Read more

Selma Blair recounts her daily life with multiple sclerosis in a documentary: “I have given life a second chance”

Selma Blair recounts her daily life with multiple sclerosis in

“Sorry, I can’t speak right now. We are filming the last days of my life ”. This is how forceful Selma Blair is at the beginning of the documentary trailer Introducing Selma Blair (Presentando a Selma Blair), which will be released this Friday in American theaters, and in which the actress, 49, openly shows what … Read more

Advancement of the book “The last avatar of Quetzalcóatl”

Frank Díaz is a researcher, sociologist, anthropologist, historian and linguist who has dedicated a large part of his life to knowing, understanding, interpreting and sharing the teachings that he has discovered during decades related to the Mexican and Aztec world and to understand the way of seeing life. and reality of our ancestors. These teachings … Read more

The 10 most intelligent characters in the Star Wars comics

The 10 most intelligent characters in the Star Wars comics

In a galaxy filled with droids, lightsabers, star destroyers, and countless other technological wonders, it pays to be smart (especially if you charge for your services). But being technologically savvy is not always enough in the universe of Star Wars when wars are fought between the Republic and the Empire, the Jedi and the Sith. … Read more

Hogwarts Houses Tournament come true for Harry Potter’s anniversary

Hogwarts Houses Tournament come true for Harry Potters anniversary

A contest that is part of the great celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter saga The new contest, led by Helen Mirren, will present its first episode next November 28 with the appearance of special guests and ‘magical’ awards‘for those who correctly answer the questions related to their houses of Hogwarts, while … Read more

Black Panther: «Today the projects are not prepared to be pitched before investors»

Black Panther Today the projects are not prepared to be

Although it was created in 2012, it was in 2019 when the Black Panther Group was consolidated as a Spanish audiovisual group, in 2020 when it began its international expansion and this year when we already named its first co-production projects. Ignacio de Medina, VP and executive producer of Black Panther Group, explains to Originals … Read more

Theater counts: Dune holds as a new batch of releases debut – The Numbers

Theater counts Dune holds as a new batch of releases

October 28, 2021 Dune arrived in North American theaters last weekend and took in a solid $41.01 million in its first three days from 4,125 theaters. The film is expected to retain that count heading into its second week. Fans of the sci-fi epic will be pleased as a sequel was announced earlier this … Read more

2021 forecast: Venom showed what’s possible, but overall market prediction stays at $4.6 billion – The Numbers

2021 forecast Venom showed whats possible but overall market prediction

The most important month for the theatrical market since the start of the pandemic is almost over, and the results have been about what we hoped for, with a new release earning over $40 million on each of the first four weekends of October. The standout result, without question, was the $90-million debut of Venom: … Read more

Weekend predictions: moviegoers spoilt for choice this weekend – The Numbers

Weekend predictions moviegoers spoilt for choice this weekend The

After four straight weekends with a movie opening to over $40 million, the market is taking a bit of a breather this weekend, at least in the sense of there being a “must see” film for general audiences. However, with no less than six films either opening or expanding wide, the number of options available … Read more

Jazz, Paris and tragedies: The creator of “La La Land” premieres his first series

Jazz Paris and tragedies The creator of La La

After conquering Hollywood with the colorful “La La Land”, director Damien Chazelle makes his television debut with a miniseries set in Paris, wrapped in jazz music and in which its protagonists, bohemian and disorderly, try to organize the chaos of their life. “The Eddy” is the title of the Netflix production but also the name … Read more