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Rthat is a reference and knows how to play the protagonist role. The singer is art and especially independent; it overflows its original identity in songs, visual proposals and speeches. She makes history. “My desire is to be, above all, popular”, reveals the artist in an interview with Pave Music.

“Art can save the world because it can create new horizons. When everything seems lost, art shows that there are always paths. LGBTQIAP art is essential to show our divinity and pave new paths”, reflects the trans singer, former member of the group As Baías, formerly known as As Bahias ea Cozinha Mineira.

Formed in 2011 at the University of São Paulo by Raquel Virgínia, Assucena Assucena and Rafael Acerbi, the trio gradually developed, starting with presentations at university parties. With authenticity, they started the authorial works and brought a dazzling proposal to the independent Brazilian music scene.

Over the years of their career, they launched memorable projects, with the right to two Latin Grammy nominations in the category Best Contemporary Pop Album in Portuguese Language; the first happened through the disc The tarantula in 2019 and later the EP while we are away was nominated in 2020.

In fact, As Baías set the scene. The founder recalls the unforgettable moments with the trio, from “birth at USP to singing with Elza Soares at Rock In Rio and the Latin Grammy with two nominations in two years in a row”: “I love our history as artists”, the singer doesn’t let her. to score. In September 2021, the group announced the end of activities. But it’s far from being the end for the members.

At 33, Raquel has a categorical musical career and reinvents herself with every job. The artistic meanings, which have always been intense, remain part of this story: “Now I feel that I’m playing an artist full of contradictions and more provocative. More acidic”, he declares about the new phase.

For the composer, the post-pandemic reflexes also allowed for transformations – musically and personally. This period boosted Raquel’s organic boldness, reflected in her artistic works and, consequently, in the promising beginning of her solo moment as a singer.

“I think the pandemic made me want to be bolder – in the sense of life asking for boldness. Artistically, I increasingly want to be able to print my identity to the public. The pandemic accelerated in me the desire to find the identity that fulfills me. I have a lot to say and I want to create art to say”, he says.

She adds: “I feel like a fighter and I don’t usually accept what they want to give me. I always want more and fight for more prominence. Maybe that sounds like empowerment, and if so, excellent.”

A formidable composer, Raquel writes songs loaded with meanings like Mix, Universe e meat of my verses, which are part of the discography of As Baías. This sincere authorial formula must continue in the artist’s solo phase.

About the creative processes, he describes: “I have moments of harvest. Planting phases. Planting is living. Read a book. Go to museum. Travel. To talk. Search. To fall in love. This is all input. Until an inconvenience and desire settle in me. They see passion and I transfer that artistically. Hence the harvest”.

The long-awaited solo debut took place on October 15th with the release of the retelling of The Girls of Copacabana, composition by Chico Buarque that integrates the album trickster (1985). In partnership with MC Dellacroix, Raquel brings liveliness to the song; and the two singers overflow enchantments from the lyric. To mark the beginning of the solo phase, the version won a video full of sensuality, neon lights and iconic looks.

“I always loved this song. I like the irony in her. A fine irony. They always confuse me with a whore. Not that it bothers me. It doesn’t bother me so much that I became a whore in the clip. Dellacroix is ​​a genius and brought the most direct appeal to music and less metaphorical. I thought this mix brought the power I needed to the music”, explains Raquel about the debut and choice of the track.

This Tuesday, November 16th, the second song of her solo career, Slow motion, reached digital platforms, integrating the repertoire of backyard disc, created by the Lagunitas Brasil brand. Packed with a well-constructed and sensual pop sound, the new song reinforces the singer’s wit.

Slow motion is a song about reverse sex. Sucking the other upside down, feeling vibrations and slow perspectives amidst the whirlwind”, he declares about the lyrics of the track.

The artist comments on Lagunitas’ initiative to present an EP that brings attention to the independent Brazilian music scene: “This movement of creating a project where the leading role is in music is already incredible. And it’s not the same anymore. We have a curatorship that really surprises. I like to be surprised when we have such repetitive curations. This oxygenates”.

In addition to being a singer, Raquel has a very important role as a businesswoman. In 2019, he founded Nhaí!, a startup that seeks to innovate through communication and entertainment projects with a broad vision. The focus is based on three pillars: diversity, technology and creativity.

“About being a businesswoman, it’s my desire to have more people and projects that I still don’t see in the communication and entertainment industry. Or if I see it, it’s still in a way that I don’t agree with – but instead of criticizing, I decided to try to do it”, he says.

Raquel treads a brilliant path, which will be increasingly pioneered. With her career, the singer resonates with a spectacular authenticity for the Brazilian music scene and for the pop genre; being an identity reference, protagonist and artistic inspiration – The Girls of Copacabana e Slow motion they just start this new (and magnificent) phase.

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Dare, Star and Overflow: Raquel’s Solo Phase | Pave Music