Discover the songs you need to hear in the Week’s Highlights.

Cloudy day in the middle of the bush. Coffee mug beside the computer. Mantras recited. Smoked cigarette. Saucer with biscuit to appease gluttony. Time to listen to the coolest things that came to our newsroom in our already traditional column of highlights of the week.

As usual, several brabas are playing, which fills me with joy and laziness, as Caetano used to say. Check out the art tasting menu of the week:

Highlight of the highlights: Alessandra Leão

Letter facing

If there’s one thing that the new MPB gang is good at, it’s the lyrics. With a high level of surrealism, subjectivity and provocation, the tracks usually bring a reinterpretation of the best that was produced in our poetic literature, contrasting, for example, with the rhymes in the infinitive and the literality we see in rock. Of course, generally speaking.

In addition to great lyrics, the music of Alessandra Leão it’s also a delight. Listen up!

“The edge of my skin casts a shadow. It pours through the crack, hovers around me. The beast of my flesh affronts. Risky, tousles, dismantles”.

Psychedelic to the stalk

to band Oruã (we’ve already talked about it here on MNS) it may be under the radar of many Brazilians. But not from the gringos. Proof of this is the band’s performance on the radio KEXP, perhaps today the most relevant antenna to discover new and great sounds.

The group from Rio de Janeiro, which was born in 2016 and does a good psychedelic indie, with vocals that refer to Candomblé entities, releases a new album, which you can listen to here. Follow these guys so you don’t pay uninformed in the near future.

following fuck

Yeah, Cat Power follows awesome, making music good to listen to and with the remarkable vocals that so many try to imitate. By By Power it’s pretty cool and of course pretty Cat Power. Watch the clip, dance the song.

electronic crazy

There’s a new record from Always Volt in the area. Crazy, unregulated electronics, sometimes lo-fi, with impossible-to-guess melodies. OHM arrives like a cake of courage filled with good grooves. Good to know that there are people with the shame of lashing our self-indulgence. And his version for High Party It’s very cool!

Nova do Hot Chip

Dub cool mix of Hot Chip has just been released only by Bandcamp. The value of sales of the songs will be fully reverted to the NGO to combat global warming EarthPercent. Viajandão, on the track, placing Hot Chip as one of the greats of current mainstream electronic music.

Ambient for sunrise at the party

L_cio e Tissue are back with another record label release MEMNTGN , this time with an EP dedicated to ambient music. Several artists signed the album, such as Marqez, Hot Soft and the heads and creators of the party Capslock, reference in the renewal of the national party scene. Returning to music, my highlight is the track Light Years, of the artist Khayyam. Music horny!

The Highlights of the Week column is published every Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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Jota Wagner

Jota Wagner has been writing, disco, and partying in Brazil and Europe since the early 90s. He is currently editor in chief of Music Non Stop and cultural producer at Agência 55. He has contributed, using his ears, feet or hands, to the dawn of Brazilian electronic music.

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Discover the songs you need to hear in the Week’s Highlights.