Get-Access for Hospitality, the Duemmegi answer to the needs of today’s hospitality structures

With thirty years of experience in the creation of technological infrastructures for the management of buildings and homes, Duemmegi has recently launched Get-Access, a family of access control solutions that respond to today’s needs.

Get-Access for Hospitality is the first declination, a cloud management software created for the remote control of accommodation facilities that makes small Bed & Breakfasts as well as large hotel chains more agile. Can be used by managers and / or their staff, Get-Access for Hospitality allows you to coordinate the phases of the user’s reservation, check-in and subsequent use of the facilities. The result? Receptive structures that can be managed remotely, more cost-effective and independent guests in the management of their stay.

Agility and cost-effectiveness in line with the evolution of consumer habits.

The centralized management of the structures has until now been the prerogative of hotels and large hotel chains thanks to the use of specialized software also known as Property Management Systems (PMS): applications able to follow all the activities related to the use of a room or a host structure, from booking the stay to final cleaning, thus facilitating the work of managers and staff and improving the quality of the service offered to guests.

Thanks to Get-Access for Hospitality, today even small and medium-sized structures will have access to a powerful and flexible solution.

By combining an access control infrastructure and a PMS management software, Duemmegi has in fact created an innovative solution that makes it possible to make every accommodation facility, whatever its size, more agile and performing.

Aimed at the world of hospitality and tourism, Get-Access for Hospitality intervenes not only in the moment of access to the structure, but also in the phases of the reservation by the user and the subsequent technical management of the environments.

The platform, based on a cloud application, is divided into three main areas: management of reservations synchronized with the most common online booking platforms; supervision and technical control of the structure and user management, the latter implemented through a dedicated WebApp.

Booking management: the Channel Manager and the Booking Engine

The booking process of a stay has been considerably simplified over time thanks to the rapid spread of the numerous tourist portals that give visibility to facility managers and homeowners, offering the services of a virtual agency in exchange for a commission. Customers have the opportunity to evaluate the numerous offers, differentiated by location, services and length of stay, immerse themselves in the environments thanks to the increasingly detailed photos, compare the offers and book with a single click; these portals are also called OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and have multiplied in recent years thanks also to the phenomenon of short rentals which has seen the development of a new accommodation made up of small structures, managers of single units, homeowners who, in some periods of the year, they decide to put their home on the market, constituting an alternative to traditional structures such as hotels and agritourisms.

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This situation, however, from the manager’s point of view requires a considerable commitment and an increase in resources, as it is often necessary to insert and keep up-to-date your ad on more than one portal, check reservations, align the prices which must then be modified. depending on the time of year or on the basis of any promotional offers. The Get-Access for Hospitality platform incorporates a channel manager that automatically manages incoming bookings through all the OTAs the manager has signed up to, updating the availability of accommodation to minimize the possibility of overbooking. There is also a booking engine that manages reservations from the manager’s website, if there is one, and includes the possibility of entering them manually, then synchronizing the availabilities on the various OTA portals.

The administrative management: offers, tariff plans and payments

Equally simple is the management of prices: these are set on the basis of tariff plans, ie amounts relating to certain periods of stay applied to a structure, or to a room with particular characteristics. A system of filters makes it possible to associate each tariff plan to a specific structure traced by the PMS and registered, for example, on a particular OTA portal, also taking into account any changes related to the calendar. The price changes are in fact always updated on the OTA portals where the manager has entered his own structures. Finally, in the dedicated section of the same name, the manager can check the payments made online and relating to each room booked by a guest.

Supervision and technical control of the structure

One of the strengths of Get-Access for Hospitality consists in the integration with the Duemmegi home automation systems: devices and sensors that make up the control system of the systems installed in the structure or in the room, are interfaced in a transparent and bidirectional way through the platform. Get-Access through which the manager, and more limitedly the user, receive alerts relating to particular situations, such as the presence or absence of people in the room or the activation of an alarm in the bathroom, and can interact on the devices, for example by giving energy to the room or by removing it, turning the lights on or off or operating the electric locks installed in the doors and passages – let’s not forget that Get-Access represents the evolution of an access control system.

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The “Building” menu, within the Get-Access for Hospitality dashboard and in relation to each individual structure registered in the application, includes a “Controls” section which provides an overview of the connected Duemmegi home automation devices. From here the manager can monitor the available controls such as: presence sensor status, door opening automatisms, feedback of any room and bathroom alarms, commands to enable the room energy. The temperature control, if required, takes place thanks to a special mask that shows the temperature measured in real time and from which the automatic management synchronized with the reservations can be controlled by manually setting the desired value. This last control is also available to the guest who, through the thermostat in their WebApp, can set the preferred temperature for the room.

The WebApp for guests: from booking to entering the room

Get-Access for Hospitality includes a practical WebApp reserved for guests, with a part that can be customized with the logo and colors of the accommodation, through which customers can manage all the phases following the booking, up to entering the room.

Once the reservation is confirmed, whether it comes from an OTA portal, from the site of the structure or has been made directly in manual mode, the guest will receive from the manager a confirmation email containing the summary of the reservation, a link to guide the ‘guest to access the WebApp, a unique code thanks to which the guest is recognized by the system and a QR code to allow emergency access to the structure using the paper print of the same email, in case the mobile phone goes down and the guest cannot use it for access.

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The check-in

Through the WebApp, the guest can proceed to the online check-in phase: using the camera incorporated in the smartphone, a photo of the guest’s identity documents will be taken which will then be uploaded to the platform and verified by the manager to enable access to the structure and to the locals.

Room access and temperature control

Starting from the reservations section, once you have checked in, you can view the access page to the structure and the rooms: here you can operate the electric openings of the gates and there is also a simple control interface for the air conditioner where set the temperature you want in the room.

Sharing access

A feature that will certainly be appreciated by guests concerns the sharing of access: the guest can in fact send a virtual key to the smartphones of his companions together with the information to reach and access the structure autonomously.

Emergency access

An emergency access function has also been set up, to be used in the event of a lack of data connection with the consequent impossibility of using the phone as a key: it is a special QR code, which can be viewed from within the detail page. of the reservation, which is sufficient to present to the Qr readers called “service points” and installed near the gates to be able to open them. Through the “service points”, touch devices with built-in camera and microphone, if required, it is also possible to contact the manager or staff who will receive the video call directly on their mobile devices (smartphones and / or tablets) or PC stations to assist guests in case of need.

Communication with guests: the chat

Guests and the manager also have a text communication interface at their disposal to quickly get in touch with each other: it is sufficient for the guest to click the appropriate icon visible in the booking details to activate the chat to the structure; the manager, on the other hand, will be able to access the chat from within the Get-Access for Hospitality dashboard.

Final cleaning: the WebApp for the staff

Even the final phases of the stay are supervised by the application: the manager can in fact communicate, through a WebApp for the use of the service staff, that the room or premises have been vacated and it is therefore possible to proceed with the final cleaning. This operation can also be managed automatically by the management system by putting the room in “clean” mode shortly after the check-out time and showing it on the staff WebApp.

In a rapidly changing market, such as that of Hospitality, where technological innovations require rapid adjustments and changes in the behavior and habits of both managers and users, Get-Access for Hospitality is configured as a cutting-edge product and with particularly advanced characteristics, which manages to combine the managerial and administrative aspects of the activity making them usable remotely, with the possibility of supervising and controlling the home automation systems and devices installed in the structures.

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Get-Access for Hospitality, the Duemmegi answer to the needs of today’s hospitality structures