How to Watch ‘Red Notice’: Here’s Where You Can Watch New Action-Comedy Starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson & Gal Gadot

Take a tall glass of Ryan Reynolds, add a good splash of Dwayne Johnson, and top it off with Gal Gadot. It’s an exciting cocktail that would you keep in high spirits for a good 120 minutes. Or maybe even longer.

Red Notice is a much-awaited comedy thriller featuring international heists and high-octane action in a very glamorous setting. Issued by Interpol, a red notice is usually a global alert for a manhunt. Ryan Reynolds stars as Nolan Booth, a most-wanted art thief who is, as you may have guessed, on a red notice. He is hunted by FBI profiler John Hartley, played by Dwayne Johnson, who must put an end to his criminal activities. After an unexpected and strange turn of events, they end up partnering with each other to catch another very elusive international thief called The Bishop, played by Gal Gadot. Though an action thriller by label, Red Notice is essentially a comedy and a virtual wild ride across the world.

The action-comedy thriller movie is written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. He also serves as a co-producer, along with Dwayne Johnson, Beau Flynn, Ada Bachev, and Hiram garcia. Besides the three A-listers in the leading roles, the stellar cast also includes, Chris Diamantopoulos, Ritu Arya, Ivan Mbakop, Vincenzo Amato, and Rafael Firecrackers, among others.

With so much adventure, a great cast, and a plot so exciting, Red Notice definitely sounds and looks like a perfect entertainment experience. So, let’s get down to all the details on how you can watch this movie, where it’s available for streaming, and more.


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Is Red Notice Streaming online?


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Yes, yes indeed. Red Notice is distributed by Netflix, which means that you get to see this movie right from your couch (or any cozy corner that works for you). After a limited theatrical release, the action thriller will be streaming on Netflix starting November 12, 2021. So, put it on your weekend calendar and get ready for a thrilling movie night.

And if you prefer to watch movies on the go, you can get Netflix as a handy mobile app. You can get the Netflix app via Roku, Apple TV, and pretty much all the major mobile and smart TV platforms.

When Will Red Notice Arrive on Digital or VOD?

While there is no official announcement or other information on the DVD release of the movie, you can expect it to happen a few weeks after the Netflix premiere, since DVD/Blue-Ray are typically released 12-16 weeks after a theatrical premiere. The movie could also possibly be available on video on demand. Watch this space as we keep you posted on the latest information on Red Notice‘s availability on other platforms.

Is Red Notice in Movie Theaters?


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If you’re not that keen on watching such a high-profile movie at home, then you might still be able to catch it in theaters. Red Notice was originally planned to be released by Universal Pictures in June 2020. This date, unfortunately, got postponed to November 2020. In 2019, Netflix took over the distribution rights with an undecided release date. Later, it was confirmed that the movie will release sometime in the last quarter of 2021. Now, after all that long-drawn-out waiting, Red Notice was finally given a limited theatrical release on November 2, 2021, with the Netflix release following ten days later.

Talking about theaters, there are still some concerns with the latest coronavirus variant and cases continuing to rise. This might call for some restrictions at your local theaters. Be sure to take all the proper precautions and follow all health and safety guidelines as issued by your state or city, wear a mask, observe social distancing and other protocols as necessary. Safe watching is happy watching!

Watch Red Notice Trailer

Netflix released an official teaser for Red Notice on September 2, 2021, which gives a quick glimpse into what we can expect from this movie. It reveals the lead characters, key locations, and high-speed action sequences. An exclusive clip from the movie was also released as part of Netflix’s TUDUM event on September 25 that features the three stars of the film.

And then, on October 21, an extended official trailer was released, which reveals some more details about the plot. The trailer, which you can check out above, shows how an FBI agent is framed and needs to team up with a most-wanted criminal, to catch another even more sneaky one. Colorful, swanky, and very sophisticated, the characters and the settings promise a lot of entertainment.

What is Red Notice About?


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According to the plot synopsis revealed by Netflix, “An Interpol-issued red notice is a global alert to hunt and capture the world’s most wanted. But when a daring heist brings together the FBI’s top profiler and two rival criminals, there’s no telling what will happen.”

The last bit is the phrase to focus on. Though a lot of it seems predictable, there’s really no way to say what could possibly happen next. Red Notice is about a determined agent who will not rest until he catches his target. But once he gets framed, he realizes that he has to use one thief to catch another, more notorious one, who seems to always be a step ahead.

Any more details on the story of Red Notice would just spoil the fun of watching it. Suffice to say, it is a story about pros and cons, what you want to do vs. what you need to do. But no, it’s not a serious, life lesson story, so don’t bother considering it as such. Just head to the theaters or get cozy on your couch and enjoy the ride.

Other Heist Comedies You Can Watch Now


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Red Notice is definitely a great action-comedy to look forward to but there are more in this genre that you might also enjoy. So, while you’re waiting to catch Red Notice, whether at the theaters or on Netflix, why not check out some of these heist flicks with a big dose of laughter?

Tower Heist: Directed by Brett Ratner, of Rush Hour fame, Tower Heist focuses on Josh Kovak (Ben Stiller), a security manager in New York City’s plushest condo, and his hilarious attempt at robbing one of the residents. Kovak and some of his co-workers seek payback from a notorious fund manager, who has robbed the employees of their retirement funds. Amateur and sloppy, the thieves are on a mission to steal $20 million from a penthouse that happens to be the most well-secured in the building. The heist comedy film features a star-studded team with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in the lead, along with Casey Affleck, Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, Judd Hirsch, Tea Leoni, Michael Pena, and Gabourey Sidibe, among others.

Masterminds: This crime comedy movie is based on the real events of the robbery of Loomis Fargo & Company in North Carolina in October 1997. Two employees of Loomis Fargo & Company, Kelly Campbell (Kristen Wiig), Steve Eugene Chambers (Owen Wilson), team up with the security guard, decide to rob their company. They also rope in another man, David Ghanatt (Zach Galifianakis), who is smitten by one of the accomplices. David is so dedicated to this heist that he’s willing to throw everything on the line for love and some exciting adventures in his boring life. The hilarity of the events that ensue is what makes this movie a great watch. The movie also stars Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Jason Sudeikis in other roles.

Logan Lucky: Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Logan Lucky boasts an ensemble cast including Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough, Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Katherine Waterston, and Sebastian Stan. Featuring Daniel Craig in the titular role, the comedy action movie follows Jimmy Logan and his family as they plan and attempt a robbery at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a popular NASCAR race. In the process, they’re forced to manage unexpected complications while dodging an FBI agent and a ton of security officers.

Ocean’s 8: If you are a fan of the Ocean’s series, then this spin-off is a must-watch. Even if you haven’t, Ocean’s 8 is something you will definitely enjoy as a heist comedy. Directed by Gary Ross, the movie kind of takes off from where the original series ends. Danny Ocean is dead now and his sister, Debbie Ocean, carries on her brother’s legacy with the most sophisticated heist the city of New York could imagine. Alongside a group of super-savvy and skilled female masterminds, Ocean attempts to rob a coveted piece of jewelry at the annual Met Gala. The movie’s biggest draw is its ensemble cast, which includes Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Mindy Kaling, and Helena Bonham Carter, among others.

Going In Style: Typically, heist movies feature young and skilled thieves and their even more skilled fences. Going In Style breaks that norm. The story follows three senior citizens and lifelong friends who get robbed of their pension funds after their company gets sold out. The three men decide to throw caution to the wind and set out on an adventure to rob back the bank that stole their livelihoods. With a stunning multi-generational mix of Hollywood legends on the cast including Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin, Going In Style is stylish, exciting, and a movie that fans of the genre would love.

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