Kretschmer wants “hard corona breakwaters” for Saxony

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) has announced further tough cuts in his state in view of the dramatically increasing corona infections. In a government statement in the state parliament on Thursday, he spoke of a “hard and clear breakwater” for two or three weeks. He avoided the word lockdown.

Details are to be decided by the cabinet on Friday. The head of government said that the decision in the Bundestag and Bundesrat still had to be awaited. The Bundestag passed the new Infection Protection Act on Thursday with the votes of the SPD, Greens and FDP. The Federal Council votes on Friday.

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Kretschmer referred to the extremely high value of the weekly incidence in Saxony, which the Robert Koch Institute stated on Thursday as 761.4. This means that Saxony has by far the highest infection rate in Germany, ahead of Bavaria (609.5) and Thuringia (565.0).

This shows once again that urgent action is needed, emphasized Kretschmer. The epidemic needs forward-looking action. There is a direct connection between vaccination rate and incidence. Saxony has the lowest vaccination rate, although vaccination has been advertised again and again. There is only one way to end the disease – immunization.

According to the Leipziger Volkszeitung, the plans for Saxony were discussed at an extraordinary meeting of the CDU parliamentary group on Wednesday evening.

Accordingly, Kretschmer advocates the complete closure of bars and discotheques as well as a general ban on major events. Closures in the cultural and leisure sector are also under discussion. It is still unclear whether restaurants can remain open.

Due to the aggravated corona situation, contact restrictions and stricter access rules in many areas will come into force in Saxony this Friday.

Kretschmer calls denial of the pandemic “incomprehensible”

Kretschmer compared the situation in Saxony with the floods of the century. The dams have now been broken in the pandemic. “This wave is breaking new ground now. Nobody has the strength in the current situation to close these dams. The water rises. ”When the water floods, the evacuation phase begins. One must bring this country to rest. Above all, this can be achieved by reducing the number of contacts. Joint action and social cohesion are necessary for this. “From I to we – that is the order of the day. This is the only way we can cope with the pandemic. “

Kretschmer thought it was “unbelievable” that some people still deny the pandemic. “Anyone who hears lies for months will in the end no longer know what the truth is.” That is part of the problem and the reason for the low vaccination rate and the rejection of necessary measures. “Conspiracy theories and disinformation have gained such power in part of the population that the citizens there no longer know what the truth is.” Anyone who still denies the pandemic is guilty because many could no longer be saved, if you continue to play this game.

“Let’s take a breath”

Saxony’s hospital coordinator Michael Albrecht is calling for a 14-day lockdown in order to get the drastically increasing corona infection numbers in the Free State under control. “My personal recommendation would be: Do a total lockdown for 14 days now. Let’s take a breath, let’s see how the development of the number of cases will then weaken, ”said the medical director of the Dresden University Hospital on Wednesday evening during an online discussion with Kretschmer.

The forecasts assumed that the number of corona patients in the clinics and intensive care units would continue to rise – according to forecasts to more than 2800 patients in total in the hospitals and 550 intensive care patients in two weeks. “Then we are worse than we were in December last year, when we really did fly 60 intensive care patients from Saxony to other federal states in heroic actions shortly before Christmas,” said Albrecht.

Weakened measures lead to the fact that one chases after the infection process. That is why a lockdown is now better so that you can find your way back to normal life “with graduated regulations” before Christmas.

More about the corona pandemic:

Leipzig’s chief infectiologist Christoph Lübbert sees the supply of Covid 19 patients at risk. “We are overloading our healthcare system. In the normal wards, the limit for Covid beds has already been well exceeded, the 420 Covid intensive care beds in Saxony will be full next week, “said Lübbert, who heads the Infection and Tropical Medicine division at the Leipzig University Hospital and head physician at the Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Clinic at St. Georg Hospital is.

“This has considerable effects that are apparently still not clear to everyone,” said Lübbert of the “Leipziger Volkszeitung” on. “When someone has a stroke, an acute heart attack, when someone urgently needs a bypass operation or when
was seriously injured in a traffic accident, it is no longer so easy to get him the right hospital bed. And the situation is getting worse. “

Lübbert called for people to be vaccinated. “The fact that too many people do not participate in vaccination as the most important prevention strategy and lose solidarity leads to the fact that patients are bad or im
in the worst case scenario, they can no longer be taken care of, ”he warned. (Tsp, dpa)

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Kretschmer wants “hard corona breakwaters” for Saxony