Kylie Jenner has spent thousands of dollars trying to hide a scar that runs through her …

Although Kylie Jenner seems to have it all – like money, a daughter, a pregnancy in the making, a partner, and a successful company – there is one terrible fact that keeps her self-conscious, dating back to her childhood. It happens that the youngest of the Kardashians, when she was five years old, was playing hide-and-seek with her sister Kendall, and while trying to hide, she climbed the structure of a fence, with such bad luck that an iron bar pierced her leg. The wound left a deep scar on his left leg, on which he has spent thousands of dollars trying to erase it.

“When I was five years old, my sister and I were playing hide and seek and I hid behind a large fence. After a while that my sister could not find me, I had to go up and go through a stick that was sticking out of the door. At that moment I slipped, and the rod went inside my leg. I tried to remove it, but it only tore my leg further. I know it seems small now, but it is only because I have grown up ”, explained the owner of ‘Kylie Cosmetics’.

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Kylie Jenner

For many years, Kylie Jenner, famous for always retouching her photos with Photoshop, hid the scar, and tried to remove it with various cosmetic treatments. According to social media, the celebrity has tried to diminish the ten-centimeter scar bulge on her left thigh. However, in recent years, the rag’s girlfriend Travis Scott has revealed her scar in several images, without retouching it.

The younger sister of the Kardashian clan has declared that the scar is part of her, and if she removed it, it would be to remove a part of her being, which has been with her since she was five years old. On several occasions, he has shared photos of her on his social networks, showing that he accepts and enjoys the brand. “I have had it since I was five years old. It appears in all my photos. I could try to get treatments to remove it, but I like it. I think it identifies me, ”said the model.

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Kylie Jenner

With 283 million followers on Instagram, Kylie Jenner is an influencer who keeps a constant update of her social networks with images of her, her husband and her little daughter Stormi, and is not afraid to show the scar on his left thigh. It seems that after so many years the businesswoman has managed to accept the mark of her mischief when she was five years old.

Kylie Jenner is waiting for her second child, and for several days she has not published anything new on her social networks, which has attracted the attention of her followers, since Kylie Jenner may be ready to give birth to her brother or sister. Stormi’s sister, whose gender has yet to be revealed. The billionaire’s last post was on November 4, when Kylie uploaded a photo next to her older sister, Kendall. After the incident that left 8 dead at the concert of her partner, Travis Scott, in Texas, the businesswoman published a statement in which she regretted the events, and then she kept a discreet silence, something that keeps her followers surprised.

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Kylie Jenner has spent thousands of dollars trying to hide a scar that runs through her …