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What the reports had finally indicated is official and during this Friday Marvel Studios issued a statement to confirm the beginning of a pause in the filming of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The statement collected by the portal Deadline was signed by the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, alongside producers Louis D’Esposito and Nate Moore; and maintains that filming will be paused due to the injury he sustained Letitia Wright, the actress behind Shuri at the beginning of filming.

“Letitia had a terrible accident on our set during a stunt in August. It was a reminder of the importance of safety at all times in our work, which we know they understand and to which they are committed.“They said in the statement that points to the production team of the sequel to Black Panther. “What we initially thought were minor injuries turned out to be much more serious, as Letitia suffered a critical shoulder fracture and concussion with serious side effects. It has been a painful process and Letitia has been at home recovering with her doctors and the support of her family ”.

Of course, this is not the first difficulty that the sequel to Black Panther found in its development since, in addition to the pandemic, the production has had to deal with the death of Chadwick Boseman. In that sense, the Marvel Studios statement also indicates that everyone would be “Focused on finishing the film with excellence, honoring the memory of our beloved brother Chadwick in the process.”

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For now there are not many official details about the plot of the sequel to Black PantherHowever, since Boseman will not be replaced as T’Challa, Shuri is expected to take a more relevant role in the sequel. Thus, the Marvel Studios statement remarks that although the film continued part of its development without the actress who plays T’Challa’s sister, clearly they cannot do much without one of its main characters.

“Unfortunately, we did not get here without some setbacks. Running a production of this scale in the middle of a pandemic is not an easy task, and you have remained diligent and professional at all times (…) ”, they pointed out. “We have adjusted our production schedule so that (Letitia) has the time she needs to heal, but there are only so many things we can do without Shuri! We also want to thank Letitia for all that she is doing to get back on set – we know how much she loves this role, how difficult it has been for her to be out, and how hard she is working to recover as quickly as possible. We are eagerly awaiting his return and we know that we will all come back stronger together. “

Given this scenario, and imagining that the complications that could occur due to Wright’s supposed vaccination status do not occur, it is expected that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever resume filming in January 2022 with a view to a premiere in November next year.

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Marvel Studios confirmed the start of the pause in the filming of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – La Tercera