“Nobody loves me”: the heartbreaking audio of a child whose parents are accused of murdering him

A video that records the last hours alive of a six-year-old boy tortured physically and mentally by his parents he has gone around the world and has shocked the UK. The images were released this Tuesday during the trial for the murder of the minor.

The heartbreaking clip, captured on closed circuit or CCTV, shows an emaciated Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, clad in pajamas and wincing in pain as she tries to pick up her blanket and pillow stamped with an image of the Avengers.

The haunting images of the boy who was forced to sleep on the floor for five days, were shown to the juries in the Coventry Crown Court (United Kingdom) today, as reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, who had access to the trial in which the parents are accused of his death.

According to the authorities, the child was murdered after his head was beaten “repeatedly against a hard surface” at the hands of his stepmother, Emma Tustin.

His father Thomas Hughes, 29, and Tustin, 32, are accused of killing the child in the house that the three shared, located in Solihull, West Midlands, on June 17, 2020, although both deny Arthur’s murder and the multiple charges of child cruelty they face in the ongoing trial.

“Nobody loves me”: a video that has shocked the UK

Closed-circuit video shown during the Hughes and Tustin trial, which was recorded on June 16, the day before Arthur Hughes’s death, shows the minor with a major physical deterioration and totally dejected.

“Nobody loves me”, the child shouts disconsolate for four times while trying to walk to the other side of the room with some complications, which took more than two minutes since he tried to stand up, collect his things, and walk approximately six feet.

In clips released by the West Midlands authorities that were played in court today, little Arthur is also heard saying “no one is going to feed me” five times in less than a minute.

During today’s court session, the British newspaper reported that it became known that the child had suffered a fatal brain injury after he had been subjected to a series of personal abuses that fit the “medical definition of child torture”.

Some of these vexations that Arthur Huges suffered before his tragic death included being deprived of food, being forced to stand for 14 hours a day and consume salt in amounts that could poison him, the court said.

Ominous revelations of his family and in other audios

During the trial carried out this Tuesday, it was also revealed that the stepmother frequently complained about the child’s behavior with his father, to whom he sent audio notes in which Arthur could be heard crying as he expressed phrases such as “started again (crying)” or “is still going on.”

To these audios, Hughes used to respond with phrases like “dig Arthur’s grave”, “I’ll rip his neck off” or “I’ll take it out along with the trash,” according to the Daily.

In this sense, the prosecution announced that Tustin recorded more than 200 voice notes over a period of three months, and in some of them the child is heard calling out the names of his uncle and grandmother.

In addition, Arthur’s uncle, Blake Hughes, told the court last month that the young man broke down in tears after claiming that Tustin had pushed him against a wall and he had called it “ugly”, according to the British newspaper.

“Said his mother did not love him and that she had abandoned him. Then he started crying and he continued saying that nobody loved him, “said Blake Hughes at the time.

For his part, Prosecutor Jonas Hankin said that the partner systematically abused the minor physically and verbally to cause him “significant harm and suffering”, and that “neither of them can justify what they did to him, for Arthur was a helpless child who totally depended on them for his well-being.”

“Arthur became a target of systematic ridicule, abuse and cruelty designed to cause significant physical and mental suffering for reasons that are unfathomable. “

After sustaining the injury that would cost him his life, the boy was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and disconnected from the intensive care machine in the early morning of June 17 last year.

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“Nobody loves me”: the heartbreaking audio of a child whose parents are accused of murdering him