PSP agrees to replace the Fan’s Card with the Citizen’s Card

Clubs and police in favor of the fan’s card revocation, but with PSP “reservations”

Football clubs and police authorities have spoken in favor of revoking the fan’s card, but the Public Security Police (PSP) has presented “reservations” regarding the law that will be voted on in the specialty in the Assembly of the Republic on Tuesday.

Bill 920/XIV/2, of the Liberal Initiative (IL), which “Revokes the “Adept’s Card”, for the non-discrimination and stigmatization of citizens in sports venues”, was approved in general on November 10, but presents some implementation difficulties, according to the opinions issued by the League of Clubs and, above all, by the PSP.

In the opinion requested by the Committee on Education, Science, Youth and Sports, the police authority begins by understanding that “the elimination of the supporter’s card will not constitute an obstacle to the performance of security operations”, but points out that this has been happening “since that the remaining rules are maintained” provided for in the legal framework for security and combating racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sporting events (RJSED).

In this regard, it expresses, from the outset, “reservations regarding the repeal of paragraph 3 of article 16-A”, which required the purchase of tickets electronically by members of the Organized Groups of Fans (GOA), the which, according to the PSP, will allow them to “continue to sell tickets and, in this way, obtain illicit financing”.

Moreover, the repeal of this point “prevents the promoter from being able to operationalize its duty to prevent access to the venue to any individuals on whom a measure prohibiting access to sports venues has been applied”, adds the PSP in its opinion.

“Furthermore, the PSP is in a preliminary and intransigent way against the elimination of ZCEAP [Zonas com Condições Especiais de Acesso e Permanência] or the revocation of their exclusivity as places where large-scale choreographic materials can be used”, stresses the police authority in the document available on the website of the Assembly of the Republic.

On this point, the PSP gathers some agreement from the clubs that, although “not considering that the ZCEAPs are a necessary prerequisite” to achieve the objectives of the current legal regime, “accept that, with the respective implementation having taken place with significant effort” of the various agents involved, “the time has not yet come, without further consideration, for its extinction”.

However, the clubs, which met on Thursday to deliberate the opinion, “understand that the revocation of the supporter’s card is imperative”, due to its “inappropriateness to the sporting reality, but, and above all, to the public perception in the meantime generated as to its extinction, since its approval in general”.

However, while the PSP “agrees to the replacement of the Fan Card by the “Citizen Card”” to gain access to the ZCEAP, the clubs consider that it “cannot, without additional framing, deserve the support of professional football”.

The clubs question this and other measures that “needed greater implementation, such as the identification of all supporters by means of a Citizen Card”, but the PSP reminds that “RJSED already provides for the mandatory nature of an identification document with a photograph” for access to sporting shows.

The bill proposed by IL to revoke the fan’s card was approved on November 10 by the parliament, in plenary session, in the Assembly of the Republic, about three months after its effective implementation.

The fan card was effectively implemented this season, after the ban on the public in sports venues, due to the covid-19 pandemic, postponed the application of the ordinance, published on June 26, 2020.

After approval in general, the matter will be today in the specialty and will then have to be approved again in a final global vote.

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PSP agrees to replace the Fan’s Card with the Citizen’s Card