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Portugal kept their chances of qualifying for the European roller hockey final alive by beating Spain in an epic fashion by 10-9 this Thursday night and, thus, the decisions of the two finalists drag on to this Friday… and may force you to have a calculator in your hand.

On Friday, France will play Spain (18:30) and Portugal will face Andorra (21:45). There is also an Italy-Germany (15:30). It should be noted that no one is ready for the final yet. The team led by Renato Garrido knows that, if they get a better result than Spain, they automatically guarantee a place in the final against France, but they can even enter the field… already eliminated, or even qualified. Why? O more football explains everything to you, based on the tiebreaker criteria of the World Skate.

If Spain beat the French and Portugal beat Andorra, three teams will have ten points and that’s when it’s necessary to go further to break the tie. We present the tabulation scenarios, taking on victories for Portugal and Spain this Friday.

France-Portugal, 5-3
Spain-Portugal, 9-10
France-Spain (Friday, 6.30pm)
Note: in the event of a victory by Spain against France, each team adds three points in this mini-championship.

1st: France (5-3, two positives)
2nd: Portugal (13-14, one negative)
3rd: Spain (9-10, one negative)

O first tiebreaker will never arrive in this scenario: considers the highest number of points in the games played between the three tied teams. All would get three points.


O second tiebreaker: if there is punctual equality between the teams involved, the teams with the best difference between goals scored and conceded win, in the total number of duels between them. As seen above, France now has a difference of two positives, Portugal and Spain of one negative. If there is a need to apply this criterion:
– Portugal hurries: if and only if Spain win by a minimum of four goals difference (Ex.: Spain’s 4-0 victory would lead France to have 5-7 on goal difference, which would dictate a worse difference than Portugal’s ).
– Portugal is eliminated: if Spain wins by one or two goals difference. In this case, Portugal always has the worst final goal difference between the three teams.


O third tiebreaker: The teams with the best goal ratio prevail, resulting from the total division of goals scored by the total number of goals conceded, in duels between tied teams. For this criterion to enter the accounts, a hypothesis is assumed. Spain’s victory over France by a three-goal difference. Thus:
– Portugal hurries: if Spain’s three-goal victory over France is 10-7 or less.
– Portugal is eliminated: if Spain’s three-goal victory over France is 12-9 or better.

However, if Portugal beat Andorra and Spain beat France 11-8… you have to look at the fourth tiebreaker: in this one, we look at all the games played in the group stage and win:
a) the team that has the best total difference between goals scored and conceded. At this time, France has a total of 23-15 (eight positive) and Portugal 27-18 (nine positive). This criterion it is even the last that can be applied to this possible tiebreaker, as France would end with a difference of five positive goals (31-26) after losing to Spain by 11-8. In other words, Portugal – not forgetting that they have to beat Andorra – always qualify in this scenario, as they would never be surpassed in total goal difference by France.

Still pay attention… to Italy

There is, however, another scenario to take into account: Italy, ranked fourth with five points, still have aspirations of qualifying for the final, but for that they would have to beat Germany and wait, in short, for defeats by Spain and Portugal. If Italy win and Spain-France and Portugal-Andorra draw, the three will have eight points and, in the tie-breaker, Portugal will always win.

In short… Portugal is always refined in one of these hypotheses:
Beating Andorra and Spain not winning France;
– Draw with Andorra and Spain not win France;
– Losing to Andorra, Spain losing to France and Italy not winning to Germany;
– Beat Andorra and if Spain beat France by at least four goals difference;
– Beat Andorra and if Spain’s eventual victory over France, by three goals difference, is 11-8 or less;

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Roller hockey: Portugal’s bills to reach the European final | MORE FOOTBALL