Smart Week: many fun and competitive smarthome deals

We are not averse to a good discount and let that be exactly what comes along during the Smart Week. In short, the necessary interesting options for those who want to expand their smart home.

Smart Week at tink

Tink is no stranger to the smarthome world and has been around for a while. Interesting promotions and combi-deals are regularly available at this webshop. But it is not only the price that makes this promotion interesting.

A ‘functioning guarantee’ is offered: suppose you cannot complete the installation, then you can get free support via tink. This, in combination with a large range, makes the tink Smart Week absolutely worth it.

My favorites

If you want to get started quickly, check all the deals in a row here. To delve a little deeper into it, I have selected five combi-deals, which are more than worth it. Below is an overview, but especially why these are interesting to purchase right now.


Google Nest Doorbell + Google Nest Hub

Personally, I have long been a fan of Google Nest products. The new video doorbell is therefore a bull’s eye. This doorbell is equipped with a battery and therefore does not necessarily need to be wired. In addition, many improvements have been made compared to the first version.

As an extra, you also get a Google Nest Hub: ideal because here you can immediately see who is at the door as soon as the doorbell rings. As far as I’m concerned, this is the golden combination when it comes to smart doorbells. After all, you can work in a kind of triptych.

Notifications on your smartphone or tablet, direct image on the Google Nest Hub and also a well-functioning, smart doorbell on battery.

  • Devices work very well together
  • Google Nest Video Doorbell can be used without cables (battery)
  • Ready for the (smart) future by working with, among other things, Google Home


Nuki Combo 2.0 + Nuki FOB + Keypad

Nuki slot

Nuki has been pioneering smart locks for years. They do this with great success: it is one of the most used smart locks at the moment and that only gives more confidence.

With this combi-deal you have a complete set to optimally use your smart lock. In addition to the lock itself, you also get the Bluetooth key fob and a keypad for even easier access.

  • Easy installation
  • Nuki is a renowned brand
  • Complete experience with additional accessories


Bosch Indego S + 500 – Robot Mower + Free Garage

Bosch indego

If you have enough grass in the garden, a robotic lawnmower is an interesting investment. Apart from the fact that you no longer have to walk behind the lawn mower, this Bosch Indego S+ 500 mows even more efficiently, which benefits your grass.

To give your new robotic lawnmower a nice ‘shelter’, you also get a ‘garage’ with this deal, where the mower can be parked.

  • Mow efficiently with LogiCut function
  • Support for Google Home and Alexa
  • Optimal mowing schedule with SmartMowing


Google Nest Cam + Free Google Nest Mini

Nest Cam

As you know by now, I’m a Google Nest fan and have been using Nest cameras in (and around) my house for years. If you can get a Nest Cam with a free Google Nest Mini, that is of course an interesting perk.

In particular, the speed with which the notifications come in, when movement or people can be seen, is one of the biggest advantages of the Nest Cam series in my opinion.

  • Easy installation
  • Works well with Google Home
  • Extremely fast notifications without delays


tado° Smart Wired Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ + Radiator Thermostats 2-pack


To be completely ready for winter, now is the time for a smart thermostat. The tado is one of the most popular thermostats in the Netherlands and offers all the functions you need. In addition to smart screens, you can also use geofencing and other possibilities.

The combination with the radiator controls ensures that you can control the heating of a house or room even more efficiently and specifically. I myself am always very pleased with the combi deals from tado and this is also a very nice one.

  • Suitable for (almost) all central heating boilers
  • Efficient heating and thus save on high energy prices
  • Even more possibilities with radiator knobs

Personally, I get excited about such a list of deals, hopefully there is something for you too.

We would like to say thanks to the author of this article for this remarkable material

Smart Week: many fun and competitive smarthome deals