“Parasite”: this is how South Koreans live in the semi-basements of Seoul portrayed by the Oscar winner for best film – BBC News World

Parasite this is how South Koreans live in the semi basements

Drafting BBC News World February 4, 2020 Updated 10 February 2020 Caption, Oh Kee-cheol lives in a semi-basement while saving to buy her own house. “Parasite“, Oscar winner for best picture, tells the story of a poor South Korean family living in a dark little semi-basementO, and a rich family living in a glamorous home … Read more

Allyson Felix, the most decorated woman in history on the Olympic track – BBC News World

Allyson Felix the most decorated woman in history on the

Drafting BBC News World August 6, 2021 Updated 7 August 2021 Image source, Getty Images Caption, Felix is ​​the woman who has won the most medals on the track in Olympic history. Allyson Felix is ​​indisputably the Olympic queen of the running track. The American runner became the woman who has won the most Olympic … Read more

Who is Ben Crump, the “black attorney general” who gained fame with the most notorious cases of police brutality in the US – BBC News World

Who is Ben Crump the black attorney general who gained

Drafting BBC News World 25 mayo 2021 Image source, EPA Caption, Ben Crump represented George Floyd’s family and won a millionaire compensation from the city of Minneapolis. For some time now, Ben Crump has become an almost constant presence in the United States for everything related to racial inequality and police brutality. In the last … Read more

Russian opponent Alexei Navalny sentenced to serve three and a half years in prison from a suspended sentence in 2014 – BBC News World

Russian opponent Alexei Navalny sentenced to serve three and a

Drafting BBC News World February 2, 2021 Image source, Reuters Caption, Alexei Navalny had been detained in Moscow since mid-January. Russian justice on Tuesday sentenced critical Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny to a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for breaching the terms of his probation. This Tuesday’s sanction supposes the reimposition of a conviction for embezzlement that had … Read more

“Parasite” makes history at the Oscars: these are the winners of the Hollywood Academy Awards – BBC News World

Parasite makes history at the Oscars these are the winners

Drafting BBC News World February 10, 2020 Image source, Reuters Caption, The news of the “Parasite” triumph was broadcast widely in South Korea. Amid cheers and cheers, this Sunday a South Korean film made history at the Oscars. Parasite (“Parasites”) became the first non-English speaking film to win the award for best film. The film, … Read more

“They have been sent to hell”: the hundreds of Latin American children that the US deported to Haiti (although they were not born there) – BBC News Mundo

They have been sent to hell the hundreds of Latin

Lioman Lima – @liomanlima BBC News World 1 hour Image source, UNICEF HAITI Caption, More than 500 children with nationalities from different Latin American countries were deported by the US to Haiti. For more than a month, Constance and Martín *, two brothers aged 3 and 4 respectively, have been locked up with their mother … Read more

What is demisexuality and why we should not rule it out as sexual orientation – BBC News World

What is demisexuality and why we should not rule it

Jessica Klein BBC Worklife Three hours Image source, Getty Images Earlier this year, when Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, the daughter of then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, declared herself “demisexual,” she was greeted with public condescension. Many mocked his demisexuality, a lack of sexual attraction to others without a strong emotional connection. Few recognized demisexuality as “real.” But … Read more