Who is Ben Crump, the “black attorney general” who gained fame with the most notorious cases of police brutality in the US – BBC News World

Who is Ben Crump the black attorney general who gained

Drafting BBC News World 25 mayo 2021 Image source, EPA Caption, Ben Crump represented George Floyd’s family and won a millionaire compensation from the city of Minneapolis. For some time now, Ben Crump has become an almost constant presence in the United States for everything related to racial inequality and police brutality. In the last … Read more

Why Al Sharpton And Ben Crump Take The Case Of A White Teen

Why Al Sharpton And Ben Crump Take The Case Of

(CNN) — The priest Al Sharpton and Ben Crump They are handling their first case involving a white person who died after being shot during an encounter with a police officer. The civil rights leader and senior lawyer, whom Sharpton has nicknamed “the attorney general of the blacks of the United States”, they considered that … Read more