Quentin Tarantino: “Making ‘Pulp Fiction’ today would be more difficult”

Quentin Tarantino Making Pulp Fiction today would be more difficult

When asked what he thinks will be the fate of cinemas when streaming gains more and more space, especially after the pandemic, he was hopeful. “It is impossible to answer with certainty. I have a movie theater (New Beverly) and since we reopened it there has been an incredible influx of audiences. To the point … Read more

When Kylie Jenner removes all her makeup, it is difficult to recognize her because her whole face is full …

When Kylie Jenner removes all her makeup it is difficult

Having one of the most successful cosmetic firms can be counterproductive to trying to show off your face without a drop of makeup. Above all, if you belong to the Kardashian clan. This is what happens with a photograph of Kylie Jenner, reviewed by social networks, in which the youngest of the Kardashians is observed … Read more