She lost family members to the pandemic, but got up and won a gold medal: meet Sunisa Lee

She lost family members to the pandemic but got up

Jamie Squire/Getty Images American gymnast Sunisa Lee was about to leave the sport due to a complicated family history, but she won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics: Know her history. Jamie Squire/Getty Images There are athletes in the Olympic Games who monopolize attention for their feats, their statements or even their failures, so … Read more

Linking the past and current: Reconstructing the dragonfly and damselfly family tree

Journal Reference: Manpreet Kohli, Harald Letsch, Carola Greve, Olivier Béthoux, Isabelle Deregnaucourt, Shanlin Liu, Xin Zhou, Alexander Donath, Christoph Mayer, Lars Podsiadlowski, Simon Gunkel, Ryuichiro Machida, Oliver Niehuis, Jes Rust, Torsten Wappler, Xin Yu, Bernhard Misof, Jessica Ware. Evolutionary history and divergence times of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) revealed through transcriptomics. iScience, 2021; 103324 DOI: … Read more

Britney Spears confesses that the damage caused by her family has been worse than anyone imagines

Britney Spears confesses that the damage caused by her family

Britney Spears feels freer than ever. It is not for less, because in the absence of official ratification by the court next November, he is about to end the judicial protection that has controlled all aspects of his life for the last thirteen years. The singer got her father, Jamie Spears, removed from his position … Read more