Interview with DANU & Still Charles: “Red eyes is like a badly taken photo but it represents an important moment …”

Interview with DANU Still Charles Red eyes is like

In the past few weeks it has been out Red eyes, single of the couple formed by DAY & Still Charles, a song that at the time of its release has conquered the cover of the playlist Sanguegiovane from Spotify. For the occasion we reached the two artists for an interview but first let’s get … Read more

Interview with Miglio: “Our country still has a long way to go to get out of certain gender stereotypes that have been stagnant for centuries”

Interview with Miglio Our country still has a long way

On November 5th it was released for Matilde Dischi, with distribution Artist First, the new single from the singer-songwriter Mile, with your saliva. For the occasion we have achieved Alessia Zappamiglio, this is the real name of the artist, to make us better tell not only this song but also his musical path and his … Read more

Interview with Zic: “Poeta di corte is a song in which loneliness speaks out loud. Friends? I have a faded memory”

Interview with Zic Poeta di corte is a song in

Court poet is the new single from say out with distribution ADA Music Italy gives Friday 19th November. This new song anticipates the new record project of the singer-songwriter who, for the occasion, we reached for an interview. say, 23 years, Tuscan, has been working with the producer for years Pio Stefanini which helped shape … Read more

An interview with Mateusz Morawiecki – Poland’s premier warns of 50 million migrants

An interview with Mateusz Morawiecki Polands premier warns of

For days, Europe has been staring at the besieged border between Poland and Belarus: Can a breakthrough by migrants be prevented? Does dictator Lukashenko fail with his blackmail attempt against the EU? BILD interview with Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (53). BILD: Prime Minister, riots and water cannons on the border with Belarus, injured border … Read more