Keanu Reeves Snagged ‘The Matrix’ Role In an Office Parking Lot

Keanu Reeves Snagged The Matrix Role In an Office Parking

Many people are excited about the fourth installment of The Matrix. The movie will take place 20 years after the last one, and fans hope the sequel can bring something new. Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as Neo, who rejoins the world of the Matrix. The original film became a pop-cultural phenomenon. Even though … Read more

OnePlus Nord 2 review: top middle class does a lot of good

OnePlus Nord 2 review top middle class does a lot

OnePlus can now call itself an established brand in the smartphone market. With the new middle class: the OnePlus Nord 2, they compete in this segment. You can read whether they succeed in this in the OnePlus Nord 2 review. OnePlus Nord 2 From OnePlus Nord 2 is ‘positioned exactly in the middle’. That is, … Read more