Quentin Tarantino: “Making ‘Pulp Fiction’ today would be more difficult”

Quentin Tarantino Making Pulp Fiction today would be more difficult

When asked what he thinks will be the fate of cinemas when streaming gains more and more space, especially after the pandemic, he was hopeful. “It is impossible to answer with certainty. I have a movie theater (New Beverly) and since we reopened it there has been an incredible influx of audiences. To the point … Read more

5 tips for making your own travel journal – Travel Me Happy – Travel blog

5 tips for making your own travel journal Travel

Many of them have kept travel diaries and told us about their adventures. From Christopher Columbus to modern explorers like Mike Horn, these written records allow us to travel by proxy. There is nothing like immortalizing your journey by playing it as an adventurous writer. Here are 5 tips to start your travel journal. First … Read more

Eternals: Harry Styles thanks Chloé Zhao for making him a superhero and publishes Eros poster | Tomatazos

Eternals Harry Styles thanks Chloe Zhao for making him a

At the premiere of Eternals – 58% at the beginning of November, we met many new faces who joined the MCU, including that of the famous singer and actor of English origin, Harry Styles, who made his debut in the world of cinema with the film Dunkirk – 92% and now he returns to acting … Read more

Making solar energy even more sustainable with light-powered technology

Journal Reference: Iacopo Benesperi, Hannes Michaels, Tomas Edvinsson, Michele Pavone, Michael R. Probert, Paul Waddell, Ana Belén Muñoz-García, Marina Freitag. Dynamic dimer copper coordination redox shuttles. Chem, 2021; DOI: 10.1016/j.chempr.2021.10.017 An international team of scientists have identified a new process using coordination materials that can accelerate the use of low-cost, Earth-abundant materials with the potential … Read more

Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj accused of “making fun” of Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj accused of making fun of

Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj generated controversy among fans after participating in an Instagram Live in which they appeared to mock Nelson’s ex-bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock. On the night of Monday, October 11, the couple discussed their collaboration on Nelson’s solo single “Boyz,” but the conversation also centered on an alleged Pinnock comment leaked from an … Read more

Weak bonds a strength in making borophene

Journal Reference: Qiyuan Ruan, Luqing Wang, Ksenia V. Bets, Boris I. Yakobson. Step-Edge Epitaxy for Borophene Growth on Insulators. ACS Nano, 2021; DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1c07589 Materials theorist Boris Yakobson of Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering and his group suggest a method to synthesize borophene, the 2D version of boron, in a way that could … Read more