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Origin Inception 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio film Review Review

Origin (Inception) is an exceptional film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio ORigen is directed by Christopher Nolan, one of the best and most ambitious directors today. Tenet is going to be released shortly and we hope it continues to make films because if it continues to wait for the Oscar, we are … Read more

Review of “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” (2017) by Martin McDonagh | Cocalecas.net: Film News – Billboard – Reviews – Interviews – Podcast

Review of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 2017 by Martin

With its exceptional thriller and dark humor “In Brujes” (2008) y “Seven Psychopaths” (2012), the British-Irish director Martin McDonagh has established himself as one of the brilliant filmmakers of this generation. His keen sense of the effect of words, gestures and images are a rarity in today’s film scene, accompanying the construction of their stories … Read more

LIVE: Martin Chodúr convincingly guided “Thousands and One Nights” through the world in Prague’s Malostranská beseda

LIVE Martin Chodur convincingly guided Thousands and One Nights through

Exactly in accordance with the concept of Martin Chodúr’s new album “A Thousand and One Nights”, his baptism took place in Prague’s Malostranská beseda. The singer introduced his current line-up from the first to the last song and confirmed his versatile talent. Together with the fans, he celebrated his holiday. Live: Martin Chodúr place: Malostranská … Read more