“The” mega-basins “are the symbol of a model harmful to peasants and our territories: productivist agriculture”

The mega basins are the symbol of a model harmful to

Tribune. In Poitou-Charentes, agro-industrial cooperatives are trying to get hold of water in order to prolong a mode of production that destroys living organisms and from which it is now urgent to be freed. Ninety-three “mega-basins” including more than ten in the Marais poitevin – the second largest wetland in France – risk being erected … Read more

Presidential election in Chile: the country chooses its model in an unprecedented ballot

Presidential election in Chile the country chooses its model in

Support for the far-right Chilean presidential candidate José Antonio Kast at the campaign’s closing rally in Santiago on November 18, 2021. ERNESTO BENAVIDES / AFP In the golden light of the sunset on the outskirts of Santiago, supporters of José Antonio Kast wave the Chilean star flag – very present at the end-of-campaign meeting of … Read more

Food safety model may help pandemic management

Journal Reference: Julie Henderson, Paul R. Ward, Emma Tonkin, Samantha B. Meyer, Heath Pillen, Dean McCullum, Barbara Toson, Trevor Webb, John Coveney, Annabelle Wilson. Developing and Maintaining Public Trust During and Post-COVID-19: Can We Apply a Model Developed for Responding to Food Scares? Frontiers in Public Health, 2020; 8 DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2020.00369 “It’s crucial that the … Read more

Scientists show how light therapy treats depression in mice model

Journal Reference: Iwona Olejniczak, Jürgen A. Ripperger, Federica Sandrelli, Anna Schnell, Laureen Mansencal-Strittmatter, Katrin Wendrich, Ka Yi Hui, Andrea Brenna, Naila Ben Fredj, Urs Albrecht. Light affects behavioral despair involving the clock gene Period 1. PLOS Genetics, 2021; 17 (7): e1009625 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1009625 Nighttime light has strong effects on the physiology and behavior of mammals. … Read more