Kylie Jenner has spent thousands of dollars trying to hide a scar that runs through her …

Kylie Jenner has spent thousands of dollars trying to hide

Although Kylie Jenner seems to have it all – like money, a daughter, a pregnancy in the making, a partner, and a successful company – there is one terrible fact that keeps her self-conscious, dating back to her childhood. It happens that the youngest of the Kardashians, when she was five years old, was playing … Read more

Floods in Canada: thousands evacuated in the west

Floods in Canada thousands evacuated in the west

Posted at 11:59 a.m. yesterday, updated at 3:02 p.m. yesterday In images, in picturesHeavy rains and landslides resulted in the death of a woman. Research continues. Torrential rains, landslides and flooding that have hit British Columbia in western Canada in recent days have left at least one dead and thousands of evacuees, local authorities said … Read more

LIVE: Martin Chodúr convincingly guided “Thousands and One Nights” through the world in Prague’s Malostranská beseda

LIVE Martin Chodur convincingly guided Thousands and One Nights through

Exactly in accordance with the concept of Martin Chodúr’s new album “A Thousand and One Nights”, his baptism took place in Prague’s Malostranská beseda. The singer introduced his current line-up from the first to the last song and confirmed his versatile talent. Together with the fans, he celebrated his holiday. Live: Martin Chodúr place: Malostranská … Read more