Caution. The food that increases the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes

Caution The food that increases the risk of cancer and

SAccording to an article published by The Sun, experts warn that there is a type of food that is responsible for an ‘outbreak’ of cancer and for cases of type 2 diabetes. Health authorities recommend that adults eat no more than 70g of red or processed meat a day. Official guidance states that red meat … Read more

Dwayne Johnson Won’t Shoot A Film If This Type Of Scene Is Involved

Dwayne Johnson Wont Shoot A Film If This Type Of

Dwayne Johnson is on top of the Hollywood world nowadays, however, it took some time to get there. He had certain rules to follow at the start of his career, which in truth, did not steer him in the right direction. This caused DJ to fire his reps and from then on, his career trended … Read more

Companies, type of agriculture and doubts. Six questions about the PAN leader’s business

Companies type of agriculture and doubts Six questions about the

Confronted once again with the discrepancy between dates and documents, Sousa Real’s office sent a document to the “Polígrafo” website which allegedly proves that the PAN spokesperson sold her stake in the Berry Dream company in favor of her mother-in-law, Maria Lisete Brás Soares, the December 10, 2019. This transaction, if confirmed, would give reason … Read more