The 10 most intelligent characters in the Star Wars comics

In a galaxy filled with droids, lightsabers, star destroyers, and countless other technological wonders, it pays to be smart (especially if you charge for your services). But being technologically savvy is not always enough in the universe of Star Wars when wars are fought between the Republic and the Empire, the Jedi and the Sith.

Sometimes wisdom, ingenuity, or a good strategy are enough to demonstrate intelligence. From the original 70s Marvel series and short stories of the Legends of the 90s, until the current canonical series of the high Republic, the comic book characters of Star WarsKnown and new alike have shown by their actions why they must rank among the smartest in the galaxy far, far away.

10 Emperor Palpatine seems to always be one step ahead of his enemies

A true master of manipulation, Emperor Palpatine has orchestrated some of the most twisted plots in the entire series of Star Wars, the most prominent being the creation of the Empire.

In the comics of the LegendsPalpatine has returned in various forms, always with one last trick up his sleeve to preserve his life and his dominance of the galaxy. In current comics like Darth Vader: The Dark Lord of the Sith, increases his power of manipulation over Anakin. Palpatine seems to always be one step ahead of his enemies.

9 Lumiya (Shira Brie) plays a role in the Skywalker legacylos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 1

Lumiya first appeared in the comics of Marvel Star Wars in 1982 as Shira Brie. She has played many roles throughout the galaxy, as an Imperial spy and Lady of the Sith. His loyalties have varied many times, often acting as a double agent for both the Empire and the Rebellion.

She would participate in much of the Skywalker legacy, becoming a powerful foe to Luke, as well as a manipulative force for Jacen Solo. Her abilities range from pilot and spy to powerful Force user, making her a deadly opponent. All these roles and the accumulated experience on both the dark and light sides make her so formidable.

8 Dr. Aphra is awesome, very impressivelos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 2

Chelli Aphra has built a criminal career that has impressed even Han Solo and Darth Vader on the occasions when she has crossed paths with them. Fans must be impressed too, as he stars in his own book. Her intellect and her technological know-how place her among the smartest in the galaxy.

She so impressed Vader that he hired her to work undercover for him on numerous occasions. However, this association did not last, and Aphra and her companions soon found themselves on the run. But someone who can impress and evade Darth Vader at the same time is smart and resourceful.

7 The wisdom of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (Legends) is incomparablelos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 3

Luke Skywalker, in most canon stories, is on his way to becoming a Jedi. He experiences trials and challenges between movie episodes, but the character learns and displays true wisdom the older he gets in the tales of the leyends. When Luke Skywalker becomes a Jedi Master, he rules the battlefield, not just with his impressive lightsaber skills, but with his wise mind.

On LegendsLuke has destroyed a resurrected Palpatine, thwarted the rebuilding of the Empire, and guided his great-grandson to his destiny. The movies and the stories between them only show a hint of the great mind that Luke would develop.

6 Jedi princess, general, and knight Leia Organa has a strategic mindlos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 4

Leia proves time and time again why she is a powerful ally and a strong leader. She is decisive and resourceful in all versions of her character. From the old Marvel series, through their appearances inLegendsAs she explores her latent abilities in the Force, right down to the current canonical books, Leia has a strategic mind suited to navigating a galactic warfare scenario.

He has played many different roles in many comic series. Whether readers are fans of Princess Leia escaping the Death Star, General Leia tracking down a captured Han Solo, or Jedi Knight Leia battling a corrupted Luke Skywalker, there is a story to satisfy them.

5 Darth Wyyrlok III, Guardian of Sith Wisdomlos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 5

In the comic series Star Wars: Legacy, first published in June 2006, Darth Krayt ruled the new Sith Empire more than 100 years after the Battle of Yavin. Krayt’s second in command was Darth Wyyrlok.

Wyyrlok demonstrated the extent of his power on the dark side time and again against battles with the remaining Jedi and Cade Skywalker. Wyyrlok was truly irreplaceable when it came to his knowledge of the Sith lore. He was both an archivist of the dark side of the Force and its defender, and his understanding of it helped Krayt maintain his dominance for years.

4 Morrigan Corde’s duplicity allowed him to establish many bondslos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 6

In addition to being a skilled bounty hunter, pilot, weapons expert, and much more, Morrigan Corde’s most resourceful trait was her duplicity. He used his intelligence, and his access to that of others, to obtain information about the Empire, the Jedi, and the Sith, simultaneously, while using an alias.

Corde was an expert at tricking others into getting what she wanted. Her motives depended on who she was in league with at the time. Along the Star Wars: Legacy he established many links that he was later able to use and manipulate to get what he wanted.

3 the most ingenious bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fettlos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 7

Boba Fett may not be the smartest based solely on pure intelligence, but his strategic, cunning and resourceful mind sets him among the rest. This bounty hunter has faced some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy and has lived to do so again.

In the new series by Charles Soule, Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters, Boba Fett gets some canon prominence. He’s caught in the crossfire of Darth Vader and the Empire and Jabba the Hutt and his hunters as they both compete for the prize of a frozen Han Solo.

2 Marchion Ro is the bane of the high republiclos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 8

If Palpatine is the greatest threat to the galaxy during the Skywalker saga, Marchion Ro was during the era of the High Republic. With the title of Eye of the Nihil, Ro has orchestrated multiple plans against the Jedi and the High Republic.

Although Ro is a skilled fighter, capable of taking on trained Jedi, his cunning and strategic mind is what makes him so deadly. His plan has set in motion horrific actions that prove that the Sith are not the only opposing force in the galaxy that the Jedi need to worry about.

1 Grand Admiral Thrawn, the ultimate strategistlos 10 personajes mas inteligentes de los comics de star wars 9

Grand Admiral Thrawn, who first appeared in Heir to the Empireby Timothy Zahn, the first installment of the Th trilogy rawn, quickly became popular for having the most prolific military mind the Republic had ever faced. Though not quite as deep as the novel, the comic book adaptation of the Thrawn Trilogy continues to portray Thrawn as the composite, artistic, and 5-D chess-playing leader that he is.

Thrawn’s origins and his rise through the ranks of the Empire are beautifully depicted in the miniseries. Star Wars: Thrawn, published by Marvel in 2018. At all stages of his life, regardless of his position, Thrawn could come up with a complex plan and had the vision to execute it.

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The 10 most intelligent characters in the Star Wars comics