The men who have shaped Taylor Swift’s life… through her songs

Taylor Swift It is no longer what it was, now it is better. He has left behind that young woman to whom everyone had a bit of a mania for no apparent reason and, like a phoenix, has been reborn from her ashes. Is now dear, respected and considered a strong woman, something that in reality always was and perhaps that was the reason why she did not quite fit into that image that we all had of her.

Have new album under your arm, which is not really new, but it sounds like a rebirth. Giving a new lesson in knowing how to reinvent herself after a steamroller runs over you, she has taken all those songs that made her a star and over which she no longer had control, she has re-recorded them as she wanted and soon they will cease to be yours again. Of course, this time he gives them to his loyal followers, those who were always there, those who cried with their tears and did not have to understand anything after seeing his documentary, ‘Miss Americana’, because they already knew.

Taylor Swift, at the 2020 Golden Globes (EFE / EPA / Nina Prommer)

‘Red’ is the second album that Taylor has re-recorded, a strategy of the artist to be able to to re-own all your songs, Well, he lost the rights to the recordings when he changed labels. Being the author of them, Swift still had the rights to the lyrics and, instead of letting the system take over, she has changed the system by re-recording the songs with new versions. The result? On the 13th, the one that she defines on Twitter as “Our new / old fall album about love disappointments”.

Because if Taylor is known for something, it is for her songs of heartbreak, for that and for taking all the awards, even those that the artist formerly known as Kanye West (now Ye) does not consider he deserves. In fact, this is how he let her know, in front of everyone, during Swift’s thank you speech … Anyway, times gone by, now no one doubts that she was a winner in her own right and what was lived, worth remembering, if only for this historical moment of embarrassment.

Taylor Swift, at the 2019 MTVs (EFE / EPA / DJ Johnson)

In his lyrics let a glimpse of the bad times What has happened to the people he trusted, to the men he gave his heart to so they could give it back a little more wrinkled. Luckily, as so many applauded artists did before her, Swift knew how to turn her pain into art and his art an overwhelming success. Now that he is recovering ‘Red’, and he also does it with great duets like that of his friend Ed Sheeran, those songs return to our lives, loaded with intentions in which he directly pointed out who had not behaved well with her.

His story through his songs

It was the video you just published, which could well be considered a short film, as it lasts about 10 minutes, the same as her song ‘All too well’, which the artist preferred to release in its original version, instead of the shortest of four. Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien (yes, the actress from ‘Stranger Things’ and the actor from ‘Teen Wolf’) are in charge of playing the lead couple, a fair-eyed young man and a handsome young man with a beard. Any resemblance to reality is pure chance, we suppose.

Taylor Swift y Jake Gyllenhaal, en 2010. (Cordon Press)

Nothing better than a song by Taylor to start a trip to the past, specifically to 2010, when we met her romance with Jake Gyllenhaal. A short love story that barely lasted three months and, although it seemed that he was very serious, It ended a few weeks after being confirmed. Apparently he was the one who made the decision, the pressure of dating Taylor was great for the 29-year-old internationally successful actor (nine years older than her), who was not used to the care he received for it.

He didn’t go to his birthday something that marked a before and after in the relationship because, according to what is said -and in this we enter the field of rumorology-, this notorious absence was the way in which he let the artist know that his was over, that and an SMS. If true, there is no doubt that it was very subtle, and it is less surprising that she dedicated not only this song to him, but also some extra messages.

John Mayer and Taylor Swift, in 2009 in Madison Square in New York. (EFE / Jason Szenes)

Taylor’s references in his songs are never usually direct, or almost never, because separate mention deserves ‘Dear John’, It seems clear that it is dedicated to John Mayer ex-partner of Katy Perry, now happy with Orlando Bloom-, with whom the artist had a brief romance prior to her relationship with Jake. She never denied it, but she did not want to affirm it either, that yes, she assured in ‘Glamor’ that it seemed a bit “presumptuous” that the singer-songwriter thought that the subject was about him. Swift was considerably more elegant than Mayer, who, in fact, he did not have nice words for her and accused her in an interview for ‘Rolling Stone’ of being a songwriter “Cheap songs.”

Joe jonas He was the lucky one who filled Taylor’s heart before ‘dear John’ came into her life. Although he is now a happily married man, it seems that Joe was not the best life partner in his youth, because not only has Swift made her look ugly, Other ex-partners of the singer have also done the same, and even with his brothers like Miley Cyrus did with Nick Jonas. “Someday I am going to find someone who is amazing to me, and when I find that person who is to me, it is going to be wonderful. And when I look at it, I won’t even remember the boy that broke up with me on the phone in 25 seconds “, The artist said on the Ellen DeGeneres program, revealing how the end of the relationship had been.

Joe Jonas, along with his wife, actress Sophie Turner. (Reuters / Mario Anzuoni)

The artist dedicated ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine ‘, or at least that was understood by all his followers, who do not stitch without thread. The best of this story? The reaction of Sophie Turner, Jonas’s current wife, when the artist re-recorded this song. “It’s not that it’s not a great topic,” He said on his Instagram account, in which he shared the song. “I will always pledge allegiance to the Queen of the North,” replied Taylor herself, referring to the role that Turner played in ‘Game of Thrones’. It seems that time heals everything and we are talking about 2008.

Who has not fallen in love with Harry Styles? Ask Olivia Wilde. However, Taylor did not have the best of experiences with her either. Luckily for her, once again she was able to turn a regular experience into a success, specifically putting british accent before starting his song ‘We are never ever getting back together’ (which apparently was actually dedicated to… Jake Gyllenhaal again). The song he dedicated to Styles, because obviously there is one for him, era ‘Out of the woods’; in fact, this was the third he dedicated to this relationship, the last after ‘I knew you were trouble’ and ‘Style’. Yes, with the latter he did not try to hide it.

Harry Styles, arriving at the Brit Awards 2020. (EFE / EPA / Vickie Flores)

With Calvin Harris the relationship lasted 15 months, but it brought a tail, especially because of the musical collaborations they had started. It was learned that Taylor had composed the song on which the DJ collaborated with Rihanna, signing it with a pseudonym. Nils Sjöberg’s secret came to light after they broke up and it was speculated that, in fact, he could be the reason for the breakup.

Apparently, Taylor did not sit well at all when her partner said that he had never considered working with her and that it was not in their plans. Only they know if this is true, and if she confirmed what she says herself in ‘Getaway car’, she had long been looking for a compelling reason to end your relationship with the singer and meet the actor Tom Hiddleston, with whom he had the most surprising relationship of the moment, it was his lifeline.

He shared a name and courtship with Taylor Lautner, but it was Swift who left him. (EFE / Toni Albir)

We might think that all the men who have been through Taylor’s life have hurt her, the truth is that it is not so. Not everyone will remember the beautiful couple he formed with Taylor Lautner, to whom he dedicated ‘Back to December’. He agreed with the actor in ‘Valentine’s Stories’, one of his few forays into the cinema. In it is Swift the apologizing, because everything points to the actor being much more in love than her, and it was he who ended up with a broken heart.

It’s been a long time since these kinds of songs, in which Taylor takes the opportunity to throw darts To her former loves, they have passed into the background for the artist. Because now he prefers not to get into dramas and because he has found the perfect partner in Joe Alwyn, with whom he has shared his life for more than four years. He has dedicated some love songs to him, such as ‘Delicate’, but we also owe him part of the success of ‘Folklore’. Accredited as William Bowery, participated in the creation of the album.

Taylor Swift, en los Billboard Women in Music 2019. (Reuters/Mike Blake)

We love that Taylor found love and, above all, that the artist’s happiness has not been a reason for the quality of her songs to be lower or her songs less tearful. If you need a reason to wrap yourself in a knitted blanket, sit on a rocking chair with a hot drink in hands And staring into infinity and basking in your pain, you can always trust that Swift will have the perfect song to achieve it.

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The men who have shaped Taylor Swift’s life… through her songs