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Every time September arrives, at Apple’s annual meeting with the media, it always surprises us with some revelation on its new products. The latest from the Cupertino company when it comes to the mobile market is the new 3D Touch feature present in its recent iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The apple company presents these changes as an evolution of Multi-Touch technology. The new feature allows the screen to detect the amount of pressure being applied at that moment, offering new possibilities for users by increasing interactivity with their mobile devices.

Apple noted that creating touch 3D was “incredibly difficult,” and that the company had to work with Corning to create a new flexible iPhone glass cover. When the screen is pressed, a total of 96 sensors embedded in the screen perform the task of measuring the microscopic changes between it and the glass. Thanks to the exchange of information of these changes and their measurements are combined with the touch sensor that synchronizes the movement of the finger on the screen.


The North American web portal Apple Insider has recently analyzed this new technology, and we offer you a small summary of its operation both inside and outside the applications. Outside the apps, on the main screen, we can press the icon of any application to interact faster with it, and it is called Quick actions. One of the ways of use is with the phone key, if we press it, we can call a recent contact, or else, pressing the camera icon will allow us to take a selfie before you can say! Ah!

Within applications, 3D touch technology enables users to “Peek” and “Pop” their content. For example, within application messages the user can press a contact’s thread message to view their latest message and then press down to reply. In addition, this technology allows you to activate the keyboard on a trackpad.

Touch Display 3D on the iPhone 6S. Source:

Touch Display 3D en el iPhone 6S. Source:

It gives the impression at first glance of becoming a success, and that users who are going to use this pulsation system will find it so comfortable in its use, that it is not difficult to predict that in the not too distant future it will become an integral part. of the iPhone navigation. However, the Californian company may need to improve the sensitivity first so that it responds better, especially to lighter touches. The reason is that Touch 3D implements its technology in a completely new way compared to Multi-touch.

“Peek and Pop” allows users to jump in and out of anything without losing their current place or to return to where they were previously. These new functions can also be supported by third parties. Social networks Twitter, Pinterest or other companies such as Dropbox and Shazam have already made applications with support for 3D touch, and other developers have announced plans to implement support in the near future, confirming the success of these recent Apple changes. Thanks to this, iOS devices will allow users to review messages, graphics and other content faster in a clear and intuitive way. No doubt the apple bites hard again.


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The screen of the new iPhone 6s will detect various levels of pressure thanks to Multi-Touch technology | Gadgets