The strangest Jedi in Star Wars was basically a giant floating brain

Of all the strange and unusual species from a galaxy far, far away, perhaps the most unique Jedi in Star Wars be Jedi Master Ooroo, and not just by his palindrome name. Long before the Great Hyperspace War against the Sith Empire, he led the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus. And, most surprising of all, Ooroo was a species known as a Celegian, essentially resembling giant tentacled brains.

In the grand scheme of the saga of Star Wars , most of what is known about Ooroo comes from legends rather than canon. But all sources indicate that Ooroo was a most unusual Jedi and an image that stands out in any memory.

First introduced in 1996 in Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith From Dark Horse Comics, Ooroo was a rarity as a Force-sensitive Celegian, though most of his story is now exclusively Legends. After being trained in the ways of the Side of the Light, Ooroo eventually became a Jedi Master and was commissioned to instruct on the planet Ossus.

Celegians cannot breathe oxygen like most of the rest of the galaxy, only cyanogen, a poisonous gas for all other life forms. As Ossus was an oxygen-rich planet, Ooroo equipped himself with a cyanogen-filled crystalline life support tank inside which he lived, essentially making him a gigantic brain floating in a liquid-filled tank. At first glance, its appearance was not that different from the iconic brain spiders of Jabba’s Palace. Despite his existence in a tank, Ooroo could wield a lightsaber, although he preferred to do so rarely. He even took an apprentice, Odan-Urr, and taught him battle meditation, a technique that went on to save many worlds in the Koros system.

During their stay in Koros, Ooroo and his Padawan had coinciding visions of the former Sith Empire and saw that evil brought an imminent war against the Republic. In that vision, Ooroo attended the funeral of the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos, whose death sparked a duel for power and the Sith’s desire to expand their territory. Although at the time the Sith were believed to have been banished and extinct for a thousand years, Ooroo heeded the urgency of the visions and brought them to the attention of the Senate and the Jedi on Coruscant.

el jedi mas extrano de star wars era basicamente un cerebro flotante gigante 1

Of course, Ooroo’s vision eventually came true and he and the Jedi prepared for a full-scale war. He held a position at the Kerrick outpost when the Sith and their forces invaded, invoking brutal combat. As the battle progressed, Odan-Urr feared that the worst of his visions had come true and the battle was lost, but Ooroo had also foreseen this worst outcome and had already come up with a plan.

In the ultimate self-sacrifice, Ooroo pierced his life support tank, releasing the cyanogen within it and poisoning the Sith warriors as they approached him. This small defeat gave the Republic forces enough time for help to arrive and victory to be fully assured. But Ooroo’s sacrifice couldn’t be undone; As oxygen swirled in his chamber, Ooroo was dying. He told Odan-Urr that he hoped his apprentice would grow old surrounded by books and knowledge, and expressed his dying wish to float on the seas of his home world just one more time. Unfortunately, he did not, as he died in moments, becoming one with the Force, but knowing that he had saved hundreds of lives.

However, when it comes to the canon of Star Wars, there is much less official record on Ooroo. He is only mentioned briefly after the acquisition by Disney in Star Wars: Force and Destiny of 2016, describing a little his stay in Ossus. Ossus’s Jedi Praxeum housed artifacts, holocrons, and more, and it was where Ooroo trained Jedi Master Odan-Urr. He also oversaw the entire facility until his vague death in the Great Hyperspace Wars. It is later said that Odan-Urr oversaw the construction of a Great Jedi Library on Ossus to honor a promise made to his Master Ooroo, situated on top of a hill in a city named after the Jedi sage himself: Ooroo Qaflyon.

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The strangest Jedi in Star Wars was basically a giant floating brain