The true story of royal romance in ‘Harry Potter’ that filled the set with drama and betrayals

With the long-awaited Harry Potter reunion, many of us have seen the complete saga again and perhaps now we notice things that as children went completely unnoticed, such as the Harry Potter actors who were a couple.

And it is that while much has been said about whether Ron and Hermione should never have ended up together or about the romantic interests that arose between the protagonists of the franchise – which they themselves have revealed over the years – there is a hidden drama on the tape that few talk about.

The Harry Potter actors who were a couple, separated and had to work together in the saga

Long before the movies and even the popular story books surrounding the ‘boy who lived’ were conceived, two members of their cast began a relationship that would mark a dark chapter in the history of the JK Rowling universe.

It is about none other than Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, who played divination teacher Sybill Trelawney and the first instructor for Harry and his companions in defense against the dark arts: Gilderoy Lockhart, respectively.

The couple was a public favorite in the late eighties for their chemistry and in 1989 their wedding was one of the most talked about at that time, but only six years later the romance between the Harry Potter actors that they were a couple would end.

After Branagh worked with Helena Bonham Carter as his partner in the movie ‘Frankenstein’ in 1994, they both fell in love with each other and that spelled divorce for Emma and Kenneth a year later.

Initially, they pointed to their work schedules as the reason, arguing that their work commitments separated the couple, but years later Thompson confessed that it was because the British actor had been unfaithful to his co-star.

However, the relationship between the other two Harry Potter actors who were a couple would not last long either and in 1999 they announced the end of their relationship and later the actress would meet her later partner: the director Tim Burton, with whom she lasted 13 years and had two children, plus many projects together.

Although the drama of these three Harry Potter actors who were a couple could have stayed there, their participation in the saga complicated things, because although neither of the two actresses had to share the set with Kenneth Branagh, both had calls for the last tapes from the franchise, where Bonham Carter played the evil Bellatrix Lestrange.

Thus, their professional life brought them together face to face, but by that time Emma had managed to carry out her own healing process, which facilitated the dynamic between them.

This is because in 2003 the actress was part of ‘Love Actually’, a tape in which she played a woman who suspects her husband’s fidelity and took the opportunity to vent her own experience with Branagh, as revealed to ‘The Sunday Times’ .

However, the famous one also confessed that she did not hold any resentment, because she did not have time for it: ‘You cannot hold on to something like that. Has no sense. I don’t have the energy for that. Helena and I made peace years and years ago, ‘he said.

Thus, apparently everything was already solved when both arrived in the magical world of ‘Harry Potter’ and with an audience mainly children and adolescents, the drama they experienced went unnoticed by viewers until now.

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The true story of royal romance in ‘Harry Potter’ that filled the set with drama and betrayals