Vinyla will recognize young music journalists for the second time and will newly support the talents of the electronic scene

The organizers of the music awards announced two calls Vinyla. For the second time, the Jana Award Apačky Young music journalists under the age of 27 can run for Grygar for journalism. Together with Bastl Instruments, Vinyla announces the open call Bastl Electronic Track focused on supporting young talents of the electronic music scene. The deadline for both calls is January 31, 2022. Nominations for the Vinyl 2021 Music Awards will be announced in the first half of December, the date of the gala evening at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague with the announcement of results was set for February 23, 2022. existing categories board of the year, discovery of the year and deed of the year. The aim is to support music journalism. Entries may take the form of texts, podcasts or other audiovisual forms.

“When we try to show what exceptional music is, we should also name what distinctive journalism is, because it is publicists who create the image of music in the media space. that through the ‘Apačka’ Award we will help increase the prestige of the field, or motivate authors that their work makes sense, “ says one of the Vinyl coordinators, Tomáš Grombíř. Last year Cenu Jany Apačky The Grygars won for journalism Aneta Martínková and Radim Lisa (pictured). The open call Bastl Electronic Track, which is the result of a new price cooperation with the Brno manufacturer of electronic musical instruments Bastl Instruments, is aimed at young music producers under the age of 25. They can register in the form of a recording / track with a maximum length of ten minutes. The expert committee will select the two most interesting recordings – one producer and one producer.

“There are a number of established creators on the domestic electronic scene who are successful and well-known even in a global context. In the Bastl Electronic Track project, we want to use their know-how and connect them with young producers.” supplies Pavel Uretšlégr for Vinyl coordinators. “We will provide mentoring and technical support to the two selected participants of the call to create an author’s EP, we will lend our musical instruments, we will help promote them and we will provide them with performances at our and partner events,” supplies Viktor Piorecký from Bastl Instruments, which has recently become the main partner of the Vinyl Awards. The annual goal of this project is to produce two original recordings, to which Vinyla and Bastl will provide further promotion and support within their events or through the events of partner organizations. Nominations for the Vinyl Music Awards will be announced traditionally in the first half of December. The Vinyl Continuous Festival is currently taking place in the Brno Cabinet of Muses. The bands Tábor and Kalle are going to perform on November 18, Tamara and Bibione on November 24 and Vole and Bahratal on December 21. The last, third workshop of the Vinyla Academy dedicated to the production and recording of the album, which will take place on November 21 in the Golden Hive studio with Michal, is especially designed for musicians. Amakem Happy. “The Vinyl Music Awards are not a one-off event associated only with a gala evening in Prague. We understand the Vinyl Awards as a year-round platform to support original music,” concludes Pavel Uretšlégr. Deadline for both current calls, Jana Awards Apačky Grygarová and Bastl Electronic Track, is January 31, 2022. The gala evening associated with the presentation of all Vinyla awards will take place on February 23 at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. The band Dva will perform at the exclusive concert (for the album “Nipomo” the duo received Vinyl in the category of record of the year in 2014) and two representatives of the nominated artists. Send the tracks to tomas (at) by 31 January 2021. More information, including conditions of participation, can be found on the website

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Vinyla will recognize young music journalists for the second time and will newly support the talents of the electronic scene